Trevor Siemian made the Cowboys look like amateurs, but this is not a story about The Cowboys losing the game. This is a story about what is going on in the development of the Broncos. Trevor Siemian has become the right guy for this team, and we should probably stop assuming that he is not the right guy because he does not have a big name or a big arm. The Broncos have found their man, and they can create the sort of situation that we once saw in Baltimore with the Ravens.

Who is Joe Flacco?

Joe Flacco was drafted by the Ravens to almost no fanfare at all.

This writer remembers a sports host in this city calling Joe the golden boy as all his friends from the old neighborhood must have made fun of him. Joe Flacco was nobody, and he was slowly developed into a great player while the defense won games. He finally emerged as a great player, and they won a Super Bowl. That is the same kind of trajectory that the Broncos are on. They will have this defense in a couple years, but Siemian could be carving up defenses and competing for the MVP by then.

Game management training

Game managers can become great players because they will learn what a good game is supposed to look like. It is a bit like a figure skater who learns how to add jumps to their routine.

They learned the basic routine first, but they started adding jumps the better they got. They get so good that they can add jumps anywhere they want, and they can win gold medals that way. Trevor Siemian could be a very good player by the end of the season if he keeps this up, but that does not account for how bad the Cowboys looked.

The Cowboys were terrible

The Cowboys just looked awful, and they surely contributed to how bad the final score of the game was. A team like the Cowboys had no excuse other than the altitude to play that badly. These are professional athletes on a team that has been constructed properly. We have no reason to believe that they are actually that much worse than the Broncos.

Are they distracted because of all the things swirling around the team, or is their defense just not as good as we thought? And, if that is the case, that means that the Giants offense is really bad.

Watch the Giants

The Giants are the team to watch on Monday Night Football only because of how bad the Cowboys looked. The Giants offense could be completely anemic because they got shut down by this very same Cowboys team that was absolutely awful on Sunday. Trevor Siemian is getting better, and the Cowboys are just not consistent.