Deandre Hopkins says that he is 1000% ready to play the Jags in week one, but he does not even need to play. As wonderful as Hopkins is, this column is about the four or five worst teams in the NFL that are not even worth being reviewed before the season begins. Everyone else sits on the fringe of something that could be good for them, but these few are about as bad as they can get.

The Jaguars

The Jaguars are definitely one of the worst teams in the league, and they are not in a position to warrant much effort from the Texans. The Jags have no quarterbacks because they have not named the right person to the job, and they are in a position where they are clearly not ready to progress.

They should have had a nice offense, but they do not. They will finish last in their division, and they will stay there until they work out this quarterback thing.

The Jets

The Jets are tanking, and they will get their coach fired in the process. They are so bad that they have three quarterbacks on the roster and have no answer at that position. They have dismantled the team as much as anyone possibly could, and it looks as though they will continue to do that until there is no trace of the old team left. There is nothing wrong will moving people around for the benefit of the team, but the Jets appear to be trying very hard to be very bad.

The Rams

The Rams are not very good even though they have some amazing pieces.

They are waiting for Aaron Donald to end his holdback, and he could wait until the eighth week of the season before he has to come back so that the year will count towards his retirement. He must have those years of service for the purposes of insurance and contracts,and he is most likely to return then if they do not pay him.

He will be unhappy, and he will likely ask them for his money once again.

The 49ers

The 49ers stink so badly that they cannot get away from it, but they may be waiting around for the Redskins to let go of Kirk Cousins. They could sign him and. start completely over with a new team and philosophy. They have done some amazing things with their early roster moves, and they have every chance to build up an amazing team over the next couple of years.

In the meantime, they are even worse than the Rams.

This 49ers fan does not want them to be terrible, but that is how it is. They are bad enough that it is impossible to avoid, and they are so terrible that they fall out of the scope of relevance. One could add the Browns to this list, but they have a plan that could work out well this season.