The son of the late President Ronald Reagan and former ultra-conservative talk show host, Michael Reagan, who once supported Trump's policies on not renewing Daca (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), had some sharp criticism for President Donald Trump's cancellation of DACA, which transpired on Tuesday. The son of the nation's 40th President, who was nicknamed "The Teflon President" because scandals never seemed to "stick" with him and he always emerged "unscathed," stated emphatically on Twitter, "My father would not kick the Dreamers out of the US," according to ABC News on Tuesday.

Finding a solution

Reagan added that his father would have sought a solution to the issue involving childhood immigrants to the United States and that the solution would not have entailed their expulsion from the United States. At one point during his 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump had indicated that he was "rethinking" his call for the deportation of undocumented immigrants; however, his cancellation of DACA on Tuesday solidified the fact that he has decided to go ahead with such deportations. Reagan suggested that Congress find a solution to the DACA issue.

Who are these 'immigrants?'

The immigrants who are affected by Trump's cancelation of DACA, estimated at around 800,000 people, are the children, and in many cases adult children, of parents who immigrated to the United States illegally when they were very young children, toddlers or even babies.

These immigrants committed no crimes. They were way too young to know what was happening and they were not in any way, shape or form responsible for anything that transpired. The DACA immigrants are not criminals and it is criminal to treat them as criminals!!

The story of the DACA immigrants is one of human tragedy. These are children whose parents were starving in Mexico, whose parents had no job, no future, no prospects for a better life.

They are children whose fathers and mothers wanted their children to have a better life than that which entails very little food or water, unsanitary living conditions, disease, extremely crowded conditions and poverty and squalor virtually unseen in the United States. These are children whose parents had no access to paperwork for filling out applications to become legal immigrants to the United States, and who would not have been able to fill it out even if they had the paperwork because they don't speak English.

It is so indecent

It is inherently indecent, unrealistic and inhumane to send these people back to the profuse poverty, squalor, filth and utter hopelessness of their former living conditions in Mexico because their parents did not have access to the proper paperwork, the means to fill it out, or the time to wait for "approval" while their children were starving!!! No parent in their right mind would make their children wait and it is disingenuous, inhumane, wrong and inherently immoral to suggest that they should have done so.

They are the 'Dreamers'

The DACA immigrants are the "Dreamers," so nicknamed because they share a common, central dream of a better life in the United States. They believe in our Constitution and in our freedoms, and they celebrate the basic civil rights that we as Americans, a nation of immigrants, share together in a common bond of hope.

They are among the hardest-working of all people in the United States, and they often will do stoop labor and other kinds of agricultural work that American citizens simply refuse to do. They put food on our kitchen tables, pay their taxes, and contribute to the very comfortable standard of living that most Americans enjoy throughout the country.

And they have a dream. They go to school, study hard and avail themselves of college and other forms of higher education. They work hard, very, very hard, and they most undeniably contribute to the patchwork quilt of what we call the "American way of life." Their parents, as is the case with all parents in the United States, dreamed of a better life for their children, social mobility for their children, and of the day that they can sit at a high school or college graduation and say, "That's my son (or daughter) up there graduating, and I am proud!

Only in America!"

Ryan slams Trump

Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan slammed Donald Trump last week for his pardon of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The controversial sheriff, who was convicted for refusing to stop racially profiling immigrants, was given an unconditional pardon by "the Donald," who described Arpaio as "just doing his job."

Part of your job, Mr. President, is to show some compassion, human dignity, and mercy in your actions. And you are failing miserably. Are you doing your job, sir?