College football is a major series of ups and downs that happen all throughout the season. Not a single person can predict how the season will go, and it is very hard to know if one player or team will play well. We guess constantly because we do not know what the end result is, and we are guessing now with Feleipe Franks. He was awful against Michigan, and they put him on the bench. He is getting his job back, and that may be because he needs to get back out there because he is so young. We have no way of knowing right now, and I want to know what the purpose of this is.

Franks needs more reps

There are plenty of cases in which a quarterback has a bad game only to come back and be amazing in the next one. Someone who has seen this in action knows that certain teams just give people a hard time. Perhaps Michigan has this kid's number. He was pulled from the game so that he would not be killed, and he can come back this week to play much better. The staff can judge if he learned anything from last week, and they can see if he is mentally tough enough to last in the SEC. The conference is so hard to play in that they need to be careful with him because they do not know for sure if he can keep up with the game.

They are planning a change

If you were to take Franks out of the last game only to put him back in, you may be planning on making a more permanent change if he stinks again in week two.

He could be replaced in the middle of the game this week for someone who is more suited to perform well, and that would be his last chance this season. Part of the problem with that is that the replacement would have to be amazing. They would have to be so good that there is no doubt that they are the answer. Florida has had enough problems at this position that the questions will swirl until someone is so good that the questions stop.

Franks has raised every question in the mouths of reporters, and his replacement would have to make it all stop.

The season is not over

There is a whole conference schedule that is still to be played, and the players have a conference that they can win if they can get back to Atlanta. No one would expect them to beat Alabama in the SEC title game, but they still have a chance if they can get there.

That is all they need, and a loss to Michigan does not tarnish their conference record. It would be much easier for them to to carry on if they had a good showing as they started their conference schedule. That kind of momentum can be carried into the postseason.