The curtain is falling on the presidency of Donald Trump. Before you conclude that I am guaranteeing he will be out, because of what I will call open treason, listen up. October will either move us past Trump or his presidency will become a dictatorship. Call it stupid or smart, but Trump has said and done enough to warrant his dismissal. He has also moved to evade the law as it applies to himself.

What is jaw-dropping is not that there is a smoking gun hidden somewhere. There will be many of these you can be sure.


Trump engages in open treason.

It's right there under our noses.It convicts Trump.

It is his summons to Putin to help him beat Hillary. It is his open willingness to give white supremacy a pass. It is his easy exit from an interview in which his relation to Felix Sater is made plain. It is his open lies that conflict with his other lies.

Spoiled kid

Trump is not a mobster. He is a spoiled NYC kid who got tutored by Roy Cohn and never looked back. The combination is lethal to America. The spoiled kid does not think any terms are unchangeable, including the law. And he has been proved largely right by the very system he wisely condemns.

Roy Cohn was a palpably evil man who would have ridden Joe McCarthy's coat-tails to Steve Bannon status had the GOP not had the cojones to censure and destroy the rabid Minnesota Senator.

When Trump's history is written it is with Cohn and Huey Long and other great deceivers that his name will appear. But all that could be wrong if Trump ends up a dictator.


Most dictators are finally brought to some sort of justice. But we have never had a dictator who could rely on the tyranny of enough other Americans to stay in power and destroy his opposition over time.

You can be sure that this is coming to a head. Trump is a dramatist and his mind works in tune with the now. He is close to lots of truth but far from the only truth that can destroy him.

That would be the truth itself which is a hierarchy. At the top sits not love as Paul thought, but justice. Or what the Bible calls righteousness. Good triumphs only because justice gets done.

Signs of the times

If it does not come to a head it means Trump is winning. It means he has found some other distraction that will woo us into thinking that just maybe things are OK. But they are not. I have never dwelt on the outrageous acts and statements of Donald Trump. I have trained a laser eye on his clear and ominous moves. He is now investing energy in supporting the Graham healthcare travesty which will essentially kill Obamacare for good.

How this will play out is anyone's guess, but there is no third way on this binary path. We'll either have a dictator or an ex-president.