The Eagles and the Redskins are fighting for that coveted second spot in the NFC East with whomever can win the battle of the Giants and the Cowboys. The Redskins are in constant turmoil because they do not manage their roster properly, and the Eagles have Carson Wentz to lean on. These two teams are going in opposite directions, and it will only get worse for the Redskins because they will not be able to sign Kirk Cousins in the offseason. Young quarterbacks matter, and these two teams are fine examples of why.

Cousins wants to leave

There is a strong sense that Kirk Cousins wants to test free agency and get out of Washington as fast as possible.

The team did not pay him a long term contract when they had the chance, and they are overpaying him because they have no answers at the position. They will continue to pay him the inflated franchise tag number until he goes to free agency, and it is likely that he will leave the team. Most people believe that he wants to go to the 49ers to play with Kyle Shanahan, and that makes the Redskins vulnerable because they may be paying millions to a guy who does not want to be there.

Wentz is improving

Carson Wentz had a good rookie season, and he is improving even through training camp. The Eagles seem to be very happy with his progress, and they have a quarterback who will stay with them for years to come.

The Eagles can grow their entire team around Wentz, and they will find that they have an easier time bringing people to Philadelphia because there is a solid centerpiece that people will want to play with. This team made the right choice, and they will likely give Wentz an extended deal while it is still cheap.

The Eagles win

The Eagles will win this game because they are a much better organized team. They have better leadership, and they have been built through the draft in a way that works in the NFL. They have not spent all their money on free agents, and they have avoided overspending on people who do not fit in with what they do.

They are focusing on Wentz, and they are not willing to change their plan. Carson Wentz is the focus on this franchise, and they are not budging from their commitment to him.

The Eagles have made the proper choices with their young quarterback, but the Redskins have not. The only difference between these two teams is how they manage their passers. The Redskins messed up badly, and the Eagles stayed the course, on their path to success.