Barack Obama accomplished great things as President of The United States of America. I think the greatest thing he accomplished, though more difficult to measure, was to elevate the office of president to a level The United States had not seen since John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

I believe that Barack Obama will be remembered in the history books for that, but his legacy is being destroyed by his antithesis. Like a comic book supervillain, Donald Trump has come in and is systematically dismantling everything Obama accomplished, irrespective of how beneficial to the nation those accomplishments may have been.

The high-minded POTUS and the American used car salesman from New York

Any success that Obama achieved while POTUS; The Iran Nuclear Deal, LGBT rights, Obamacare, his tact, diplomacy, high-minded objectives, and the “everyman” figure that he consistently presented to the American people and the world, will forever be contrasted against Donald Trump, who is, for all intents and purposes, a classless, bumbling, used car salesman from New York. America bows her head in shame. But more than that, those who are intelligent enough to see what is happening are practically terrified.

It is clear now, at least to this writer, that Donald Trump has never played to anyone but Donald Trump and his most devoted worshippers.

With that being so, he has never sought to accomplish anything useful for the American people. Those he plays for, being coal miners and churchgoers, appear to be dim bulbs, easy to please, as long as one fuels the bigoted, racist, sexist, vengeful, petulant, even superstitious tendencies that often befall the poor and/or uneducated.

To serve up what it is deplorables crave, is exactly what Donald Trump has managed to do. It has become appallingly clear that his agenda, the one that feeds his worshippers, is exactly bigoted. It is also scientifically illiterate, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, belligerent, and ignorant.

The Great Wall of Stupid

Trump is obsessed with building a wall that is somehow going to magically keep out all illegal immigration from Mexico. I think he knows it won’t, but he is a used car salesman.

It’s a lemon, but they want it. So, he will sell it to them. A used car salesman knows better than to waste time on those that continue to call his bluff. Time is money.

I won’t even go into how racist and xenophobic the motivation to do such a thing as build a silly wall between one country and another must be. The last leader dimwitted and paranoid enough to do such a thing lived over 4000 years ago. It’s simply ridiculous. It’s stupid. But then, maybe Qin Shi Huang was just a used car salesman too.

A wall between the United States and Mexico would no more prevent illegal immigration than the War on Drugs prevented drug addiction. But Donald Trump doesn’t care. He is pleasing his customers right now.

It doesn’t occur to him that they will one day return and demand he take back the bill of goods he sold them -- I’m sure he plans on being well insulated by then.

His subjects are homophobes, bigots, and 'hold my beer' stupid

Trump is forcing transgenders from the military who have served honorably. He also reversed Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directive. Undoubtedly, though, Donald Trump cares not who goes into what bathroom.

I doubt very seriously that the man would be caught dead in a public restroom. But his subjects have to use them. And his subjects are homophobes and bigots. Nevermind that many transgenders are not gay at all. Donald, “the used car salesman," will do whatever pleases his customers.

The supervillain and his small-minded henchmen

Donald’s belligerent behavior with North Korea is another “redneck” show of “Hold my beer” stupidity. Such behavior assuredly strokes the egos of his small-minded adherents. Again, though, he is like a used car salesman.

It’s a lemon, no matter how you look at it. And when that becomes clear and perhaps millions are dead, they will still be complaining about the lemon Trump sold them. Unfortunately, the supervillain will likely be safely tucked away and/or otherwise unreachable by that time. “Let them eat cake!” he’ll say, as he lurches away slowly into the night, laughing sardonically.