We often get on Las Vegas because of the betting Lines they choose because they make it very hard for us to place bets at certain values. You may not have realized that a betting line in Vegas is impacted by who is playing at home, and you must remember that Vegas is trying to make as much Money as possible. They are trying to make it so that they can have the advantage, and that is why we have things like half point spreads and a three point advantage when you play at home. The lines are all messed up because Vegas is as confused we are. We saw things that we never thought we would see last week, and it is scary to think about what could happen this week.

The lines change all the time

We make predictions in the sports media based on lines that we find at the time that we make our predictions. If Tom Brady broke his leg crossing the street tomorrow, the line on the Patriots would change. That is reality. However, most changes have to do with tiny things like the injury report, a guy who has a weird tweet he sends out, or something that is equally small. Players do get hurt in practice, but that is not as common as the line changing because the money is changing.

The money is not always smart

If I am a devoted fan of a team that is not very good, I cannot change the line on a game by placing a bet on a team that is not going to win. However, there are some times when the lines have to change because all the money goes to one team or another.

You must watch the betting lines when you realize that people are betting only on one team because the odds will start to go down. That is much harder for you to predict because you have to check the lines every day, and you may need to read something online that tells you where all the action is.

The bets are hard to choose

Betting on sports is harder than you think because the teams can have a performance that you did not expect.

A lot of people could have lost money last week because the NFL did not perform as we expected. The Patriots probably lost a lot of people money, and there are little things that cause teams to not cover the spread that, in turn, lose people money. Betting on sports means that you want a team to lose by a certain amount, and you could be sitting by your TV all day hoping that a certain team has a particular performance that you thought they would have. Anything less could be very hard on you, and you could lose a lot of money if you make poor choices.

Watch the lines carefully because Vegas has the advantage and the NFL is unpredictable.