DirecTV, according to reports by ESPN, may be ready to give refunds to offended customers who do not want to see national anthems protests on the Sunday NFL Ticket. The package could cost someone almost $300, and this company is willing to give their money back because people are offended by a protest. We must consider deeply how pathetic and sad this is. When was the last time you had to call a utility company like this for a genuine grievance? This writer has been through that situation before, and it is often hard to get customer service from a lot of big companies.

However, a bunch of people decided that they do not like social equality, and DirecTV will give their money back.

They made their position clear

DirecTV made its position pretty clear by bending to the will of people who are not willing to research the protest and be informed citizens of this country. There must come a point at which you do not want someone's business because they are just not worth it. If you cannot stand to watch an NFL because of a song that is not all that long and someone who took a knee, you probably should not be watching TV at all.

Ratings are down

What is interesting about this is that NFL ratings are down because of a fight for social justice. No one seemed to have a problem with the league hiding research about CTE.

There was no uproar about player safety, but as soon as someone's white privilege is challenged, they want a refund from DirecTV. The problem with this situation is that the people who run media outlets are suppressing both sides fo the story in favor of those who already have all the control.

Middle-class white people are complaining about a simple protest against police brutality, but that protest has been conflated with treason.

DirecTV should have told these people to research the issue and watch their football. Now we will have a lot of prejudiced people wanting a refund for everything that they are falsely offended by. This is a slippery slope in a country filled with slippery slopes.

The protest

To repeat what so many people have said, the protest is meant to bring attention to the plight for social justice that people of color are waging in this country.

This is not a bad thing, and it is not going to harm anyone. Helping people live a better life free of prejudice will make America better, but the privileged have decided that they like being ignorant more than they like the lives of others. Sadly, this writer is not surprised.