There's a picture of Barron Trump popping up online again and although it may look real to some, it's highly unlikely Barron would wear a shirt like this. It is probably safe to say that this photo of Barron, Melania, and Donald Trump is Photoshopped. It is a photo making fun of Donald Trump and while the nation's presidents have always been the butt of jokes, using their 11-year-old child's image to deliver that joke is a low blow.


This picture first appeared at the beginning of the year depicting Barron walking between Melania Trump and Donald Trump and the first son is seen in a shirt that appears to make fun of his father.

Barron is seen in the picture wearing one of those shirts that were popular a few decades back that sport a hand pointing to the left or right saying "I'm with Stupid." In the photo, that hand is pointing to Barron's father, Donald Trump.

Barron in this "I'm with Stupid" shirt is apparently meant to be funny, as the website Share It's Funny suggests. This website also suggests "I am sure that Donald was not too happy about his son's choice of t-shirt for going out in public." If you are looking for evidence to show you that this is a doctored picture, the first clue might be "t-shirt." Barron has on a polo shirt, not a t-shirt, as the website suggests. This picture was put to bed once and for some reason, it is starting to pop up again.

But to bed once before

It could be that the media is running out of jabs for Donald Trump as he steps up to the plate in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. He's doing a good job, so what can they pick on now? This may be the reason the media recently targeted Melania Trump's choice of footwear on her trip to the flood-ravaged areas of Texas.

The people making their living from bashing Donald Trump and his family in the media are seemingly running out of material as Trump rises above all the media attacks.

The picture of Barron Trump in the "I'm with Stupid" shirt is posted on the Share It's Funny website, which is also seen it below in this Twitter post.

Barron, who has been under attack from some in the media for his choice of clothes lately, shouldn't have to be held to any standard other than being an 11-year-old kid.

He shouldn't be used for a picture to belittle his father and as many online have said, Barron should be off-limits when it comes to the media attacks.

Off Limits

Despite the White House asking that Barron is kept off limits from these written attacks online, someone, somewhere, decides to push the limits. People need to have some empathy when it comes to this young man in the White House.

What they need to do before even thinking of making Barron part of a joke or attacking his mode of dress is to put their own child, brother, sister, niece, nephew, or any loved one in his place for a minute. Put yourself in Melania and Donald Trump's place as well. How would you feel if your child was the target of such hurtful chastising online?

Kindness goes unnoticed

From all the reports, Barron is a good kid and a normal 11-year-old child. His kindness is seen through some of the little things that go unnoticed. This week while walking with his parents and nieces and nephews, Barron extended his hand to his nephew as they got closer to reporters. It was almost as if he was giving that little boy extra support around all the clicking cameras. Hello Magazine reports, "Barron Trump shows sweet bond with nephew Joseph Kushner."

It is odd this didn't become a mainstream media story. The kindness of this young boy is worth noting, but it probably wouldn't grab the attention of the masses in the headlines, which is rather sad.

Hard on parents

We have no idea how Melania and Donald are dealing with Barron when it comes to these awful online comments that have cropped up over the last year. Quite frankly, it is none of our business. It has to be hard for a parent to sift through these horrendous remarks knowing that their son is at an age that is notorious for exploring the online world. At 11, Barron is certainly old enough to find these comments by just searching his name.

When people ask what Donald and Melania Trump has given up to become the president and first lady, this has to be the number one sacrifice. They can't keep Barron in a bubble, so keeping him safe from viewing these derogatory remarks has to be next to impossible.

He's old enough to spot these things

Now with this latest online picture popping up for a second wind, which shows Barron in the "I'm with Stupid" shirt, this has to be hard for Barron himself. He's 11, but he knows he didn't wear that shirt.

Can you remember back to when you were a kid when the worst feeling in the world wasn't how you felt when you did something that got your parent's mad? The very worst feeling came over you when you thought that something you did had hurt your parents' feelings. This picture, if it is viewed by Barron, might do just that, upset him because this photo used him to make fun of his father. This is just so wrong.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images}