Clowns are usually recognized as entertainers who can spruce up children’s parties with their jokes and gags. While their main purpose is to make people laugh, there are a lot of people who are actually afraid of them. In recent years modern media made a mint off stories about apparitions termed "creepy clowns." Nevertheless, this is not a new phenomenon. There are plenty of these demented creatures in pop-culture whose prime purpose is to eliminate instead of entertain. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the worst clowns in pop-culture.


In the new movie, “It,” Pennywise returns to scare the audience 27 years after the 1990 miniseries. This demented demon takes on the appearance of a clown to scare children, but its true form is much more sinister. It’s actually a shape-shifting entity that thrives in the sewers of Derry, Maine. No one is sure where Pennywise came from, but the creature's main purpose is to find targets and kill or even eat them. While it can kill every kind of human, the "clown" prefers to hunt down children as they’re easier to scare and manipulate. The creature itself admits that frightened flesh tastes better.


The Joker is possibly the most iconic villain in the DC Universe because of his intense rivalry with Batman.

This psychotic clown takes gags and jokes to the next level, often using them to kill innocent people and tyrannize Gotham. Despite having his own henchman, the Joker also seems to be a skilled combatant who uses his own inventions and guns in combat. Lore wise, nobody knows his exact origins – even the Joker himself. However, one backstory he remembers the most is when he fell into a large vat filled with chemicals that destroyed his skin and mind.

The Joker also had a girlfriend named Harley Quinn who was just as crazy as him. He managed to seduce her when she was his psychologist at the Arkham Asylum.


Kefka hails from “Final Fantasy VI” and acts as the main antagonist in the game. While there are plenty of villains in the series, Kefka is one of the very few enemies to actually destroy the world and essentially become a god.

While this clown is gifted with powerful magic, his main asset comes from his unstable personality. In line with this, he once killed an entire town by poisoning their water supply. Kefka’s origins are also a mystery, but there’s a chance he lost his mind after going through so many experiments in the past.