In a recent report about the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) finally acknowledging that there was no evidence to substantiate President Trump's wiretapping claims; it is said that the DOJ's court filing of the acknowledgment was intentionally deceptive. This is because they filed their acknowledgment when they knew that people would be paying less attention. The DOJ reportedly did this on Friday, last week before Labor Day weekend, which one CNN reporter Jake Tapper said was part of a "time honored tradition" in Washington of what he called "Friday night dumps".

Here is a clip of his post-Labor Day commentary.

Tapper referred to the fact that government entities -- such as an administration -- generally releases information that looks bad for them on Friday nights when people are not paying attention. He emphasized that in this case where the information was released on a Friday before a holiday weekend, it was due to the reason that this information was especially embarrassing for the administration.

The return of the 'Friday night dumps'

It was reported that on the Friday when Hurricane Harvey was about to slam into the Texas coast, President Trump took advantage of the storm by pardoning racist sheriff Joe Arpaio, signed an executive memorandum to ban transgender people from serving in the military and fired right-wing extremist Sebastian Gorka.

It was also reported at the time that certain members -- Democrats -- noticed the timing of that series of announcements.

Bob Franken, a journalist for the Rapid City Journal, also pointed this out in a piece titled: "FRANKEN: The 'Friday Night Dump' returns" where he explains his familiarity with the practice. Much of the piece focused on the controversial pardon of Joe Arpaio.

But he confirmed that administrations or politicians who generally try to hide embarrassing reports about themselves, use Fridays to reveal embarrassing information when journalists are generally doing something else using the same "Friday night dumps" terminology.

Friday night dumps are 'Trumpian'

The Friday night news dumps are fitting for a President who worms his way through through scandals and controversies.

Since his inauguration, America has witnessed his attempts to wield power in defiance of what is expected from him, lying his way through every speech and whatever is considered legislation these days. His Wiretapping claims against Obama, are especially vile as they employed and empowered some of the worse people in Congress, Republicans, to try and keep his lies going.

But like many of the President's claims, at the time, people already knew that his wiretapping claims were too ridiculous to believe and yet, lawmakers continued to feed the idea, trying to turn them into political points. And the fact that it's taken six months for the DOJ to finally come out and acknowledge something that everyone already knew, is clearly obscene.

During the time that Trump made the claim, the DOJ tried to stall for time asking House Intelligence Committee to give them more time to find evidence. It took them this long to finally acknowledge it was false, under the cover of a weekend. Let no one ever forget when Washington did it's worse, shamelessly, before our very eyes.