A Wisconsin tech company Three Market Square was the first in the U.S. to implant microchips to its employees. The proud employees wore T-Shirts with “I Got Chipped” during the chip party held at their office canteen. The company located in River Falls, Wisconsin is a huge one selling technology for break rooms and micro markets in 20 countries.

The microchip description

The chip which uses RFID is the size of a grain of rice implanted underneath the skin using a syringe. The RFID is likened to carrying a smartphone or a credit card. The microchip was developed by a Swedish company BioHax International for the U.S.

tech company.

The chip was suggested by the company to facilitate office activities like opening doors, use of copy machines, logging into company computers, storing medical records, and even making purchases in their canteen. The employees just have to wave or swipe their hand. The company was surprised to see such positive response from its employees as reported by the Boss Magazine. Fifty people out of the 80 employees approved of the plan to implant. Forty got their chips already.

Many are apprehensive of the microchip

However, some of the employees are apprehensive and did not approve of the implant. An officer of Three Market Square, Patrick McMullan, said that the microchip is not for him and did not disclose the reason behind.

Another employee Melissa Timmins reasoned that she has to know enough of the pros and cons of the chip before deciding.

The 'mark of the beast' is actually a microchip according to religious people

But some religious people believe that it will eventually lead to the actual marking which is mentioned in the Book of Revelation of the holy Bible.

In a report by Technochops, the mark 666 mentioned in the last book of the Bible which is placed on the forehead or on the right hand is actually the “mark of the beast.” During the tribulation period (a seven-year period of distress and calamities) all men will be required to have the mark in order to survive. Without the mark, they cannot buy food, go to hospitals and schools, and do economic transactions.

This is done so that people will be forced to have the mark. This will be the strategy of the devil to bring people to hell.

The mark of the beast will disqualify those who have it to enter heaven because they mark also means submission to the devil. Aside from the fear of the devil, many are not in favor of the microchip for privacy reasons. It may lead to privacy invasion and control.

Officials of the Wisconsin tech company informed that the chip does not use GPS and the data contained therein are encrypted. They insist that the chip is only an RFID reader. A professor of Internet Ethics and Privacy Michael Zimmer, writes the Boss Magazine, believes that the disadvantages of the chip are just too great.

The microchip is expected to replace cash and cards and will be the great thing in the future. It can be used as a replacement for passports. But whatever benefits it can give, it may become the passport to hell.