On Saturday night August 5 the crowd went to see how Usain Bolt, 30, won his last race in London. That did not happen, since it was Justin Gatlin, 35, who became the world athletics champion. The crowd booed him, but the truth is that he won the race worthily, although some do not like it. In addition, Gatlin became the most veteran sprinter to achieve that feat. When he realized that he had won, the first thing he did was bow down to Bolt, recognizing the fabulous athletic career of the Jamaican sprinter. Now the sport has a hero and a villain: Bolt and Gatlin, respectively, a situation that turns athletics into an even more attractive sport.


Usain Bolt is much more than a multiple athletics champion, he is a great inspiration for any child who wants to become a great sportsman some day. His worldwide fame goes beyond his many sports achievements: his fans want to know everything about him. Bolt gets along very well with fame since he understands that this is an aftermath of his sporting success. His Private Life also generates interest and he does not bother him at all. Like few celebrities, he has managed to achieve a perfect balance between his public life and his private life. Bolt finally retires from athletics on Saturday, August 13, but he has many jobs offers to continue in the limelight. The big brands believe that he will be an even more important figure after his retirement because he will become a living legend.


Justin Gatlin recovered the lost glory after consecrated world champion of athletics last Saturday. The crowd booed him because they do not forgive the two sanctions he received a few years ago for positive doping. Remember that Gatlin repented of the mistakes made and complied with the sanctions that imposed on him.

After four years of being out of athletics, he gradually regained his best level. While Bolt is a great example of talent, Gatlin is a great example of perseverance in the face of the worst adversity. Therefore, the fact that he is booed by the crowd is a great lack of respect for him and for all people who try to correct errors of the past.

Despite the controversy, Gatlin is very satisfied with his achievements. He respects and admires Bolt, whom he considers a humble and friendly person, besides being a brilliant athlete. After Gatlin was booed by the crowd, the first person to defend him was Bolt, arguing that he deserved the victory.