Tinsley Mortimer is the newest housewife to join "The Real Housewives of New York," and she only knew Sonja Morgan when she joined the cast last year. While she didn't know the other ladies when she started filming, it sounds like Sonja was the one she had to rely on to meet the other ladies. Mortimer lived with Sonja during the first couple of months back in New York after being rested and it was during this time that she met the other ladies. This included Luann D'Agostino who was happily planning her wedding at the time.

But it sounds like Tinsley had plenty of things on her mind, perhaps too much to comment on Luann’s failing marriage.

While filming, Mortimer was dealing with her own drama in relation to Sonja and Ramona Singer, as she learned that they possibly sold a story to “Page Six” about her ungrateful behaviour for living with Sonja at her town house. This was more stressful to Mortimer than Luann’s husband supposedly cheating on her.

This could explain why Tinsley hasn't reached out to her when D'Agostino released a statement, publicly sharing her condolences in regards to the failed marriage. Almost all of D'Agostino's co-stars from “The Real Housewives of New York" reached out to her on social media or through the press to give their best wishes to the mother of two. Everyone knew how much she wanted the marriage to succeed, but many would argue that it was doomed from the beginning as Tom didn’t respect Luann the same way she did him.

Reason for divorce remains unknown

While Tom and Luann have not revealed why they are divorcing, it sounds like it could be due to all of the cheating rumors and allegations that faced the couple all the time. Luann has stayed faithful and has worked hard to make a relationship work, but it sounds like Tom has been the complete opposite.

They both seemed very happy together, but Tom was always linked to various stories about him reaching out to other women when Luann wasn’t around. Sources have revealed to other publications that he had a hard time letting go of his bachelor lifestyle, and this is something that Tinsley Mortimer knows nothing about.

Tinsley may not be an in-crowd woman yet

Tinsley just joined the show this year and she had plenty of her own issues to deal with, including living with Sonja Morgan. Mortimer wanted to find her way again after being arrested and this didn't include spending time with Luann and her husband Tom. While one can imagine that Tinsley feels bad for Luann because of the failed marriage, the reality is that she doesn’t know her well enough to speak out about the Divorce.

Depending on how Tinsley reacts to this news, she may be a closer friend of the Countess next year, as one can imagine they will both return to the show.

What do you think about Tinsley Mortimer not reaching out to Luann via Bravo or social media to share her opinion about the divorce news?