The treatment that African Americans received in the 1960's at the hands of Bull Conner, is now being inflicted on Latino Americans by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The 45th president of the United States of America has opened a Pandora's box by giving a pardon to a man who defied the court system and continued to profile Latino's without provocation.

A sad time in history for all Americans

When Barack Obama was elected as the first man of color to the White House in 2008, Muslims who owned a local store danced in the streets. They believed like many Americans, that a new day had come, one where any U.S.

citizen could achieve his or her dreams. Now, however, with Donald Trump in the Oval Office, the dream is quickly turning into a nightmare. The 45th U.S. president has continued to align himself with known racists, without remorse or shame. This is indeed a sad time in history for the United States.

Donald Trump initially did not disavow the endorsement of for Klan leader David Duke, even stating on the record that he had never heard of him. Next, he brought Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorko, who have the Alt-right affiliations into the White House, while denying they were racist. Two weeks ago number 45 said there were good people within the Neo Nazi, White supremacist, anti-Semitic, and KKK groups in Charlottesville.

Now he has pardoned Joe Arpaio who blatntly disregarded the law and continued to racially profile Latino Americans in his jurisdiction.

The real Donald Trump wants division in the United States

There is no perfect person living, and certainly, all U.S. presidents have made mistakes. There may even have been some who had issues with racial and gender equality.

No recent living president in this nation, however, has ever been so openly blatant in disregarding Americans who differed from himself. Donald Trump continues to show his indifference, and recently stripped the rights of Transgender citizens by making it illegal for them to join the armed forces and taking medical benefits from those already serving.

The real Donald Trump is a man who thrives on controversy and division. Like Bull Conner in the 1960's and Joe Arpaio today, number 45 wants to keep Black And Brown Americans in line, and only desires to see those who look like himself in positions of power.No U.S. citizen regardless of sexual orientation, race, color, creed or religion should be profiled or fear for their safety. For the first time in modern history, the United States has a president who is boldly pushing his racist views in the faces of Americans and the entire world and he does not even care. On the shame of it all.