When I got into politics as a black person I thought that the Democratic Party was the party that represented my values because they actually care about the people they're serving, unlike the Republican Party. However, I have been frustrated with the way they take black people for granted because they always vote for the party. But we haven't seen improvement in our communities under democratic leadership. The Alabama election for Senator showed Democrats that we will always be loyal to them no matter what, but it's time for the party to start putting in policies that would help urban areas turn their lives around.

Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley who has been a Republican most of his life said that the Democrats need to help black and poor people because we all have been struggling for such a long time and we need our elected officials to finally prove they care about the people they serve. Another reason why we felt good about last night was because of the tasteless things Roy Moore has said about us. For example, in September Moore said that "the last time America was great was when we had slavery." The Democrats are lucky to have us on their side but we don't like to be overlooked in the party. The Democrats also need to stop trying to get the white working class Trump voter and talk to the people who need their help the most.

Stop reaching out at the last minute

Every time the election gets down to the final stretches, the Democratic candidates always want to wait to reach to the black vote and I believe they need to start talking to us early and often. Doug Jones was someone as a candidate who African American voters can relate to because of his great record on Civil Rights issues.

This was from when he prosecuted the KKK for bombing a Birmingham Church that killed four young black girls. However, the Jones campaign reportedly struggled to get the black voters out because he didn't speak to them early in the campaign.

Relying on Obama too much

Former President Barack Obama went on the campaign trail in November when Tim Murphy and Ralph Northam both ran for governors in their separate states.

It seems like they use Obama as a puppet and his only job is to try to get the black voters out. Obama made a robo-call to tell voters to get out helping Jones win the election against his opponent Roy Moore. The party needs to understand that Obama is no superhero and he can't always get his base out to vote when he's not on the ballot.

Female Black Voters

The most loyal voters for the Democrats are the black women who have stood by them through thick and thin. In the race for the Senate, Doug Jones got 97 percent of the black women vote and that made everyone who was appalled by Roy Moore's actions happy because even in red state Alabama there was some den in a state that has a history of racism. The voters showed they're not like that anymore. We as black people as a whole, need to hold the party accountable and tell them that we need help too.