A search on the internet will reveal to you that short articles (the majority which consists of a total number of words ranging between 200 and 400) are the ones mostly searched for on the internet. The popular search for short articles is due to the fact that most internet users need information “immediately”! A major reason why articles with the least amount of words – are the most attractive, is because majority of people want quick insights, as they don’t have a lot of time to keep hovering over one idea or subject matter: they are attracted to information that won't keep them concentrating for unnecessarily long hours.

On the average, most people easily lose interest and concentration when reading articles that have a thousand or more words. The average internet user doesn't really have a lot of time and patience to read a bulky piece; so they quickly move on to read another one with the hope of briefly obtaining the information they need in a small pack, and within a short time.

It doesn’t take long before most people’s eyes get strained

After a brief moment of reading into an article on the internet, most people get irritated looking at those digital screens for a long period of time. By frequently reading articles over and over, many people have experienced an impairment of their eyes’ visual capacity. Although there are some digital screens designed to reduce eye strain, most of those devices which have these screens – are expensive.

The longer most people focus on digital screens, the easier it becomes for their eye muscles to get strained. According to some reports, the constant practice of reading on screens can lead to irritation and dryness of the eyes, and unclear vision.

Most internet users (between the ages of 18 and 49) have other busy schedules

It’s important to note that most people who use the internet range between the busy ages of eighteen and forty-nine. In order to have success in attracting this group of people to read articles, on your blog or website, you must learn how to create little pieces of entertaining and well-informed articles that range between 200 to 400 words – or at most 500 words: otherwise, it is likely that they’ll not read through your whole article.

Write short articles so that people can quickly obtain the necessary information they want, without getting bored. Online advertisers and marketers employ the use of short articles because, within the smallest time possible, it gives the internet audience quick reviews and information about products.