Before starting this, I am just stating different reasons why people think Cristiano Ronaldo is Arrogant, so don't attack me. Not everyone who thinks Cristiano is an arrogant person is absurd. Cristiano Ronaldo is seen by most critics as very arrogant, and he has done little in his words or Body Language to dispel that notion. The fact that he has won over 30 major club and international honors should make Ronaldo proud, but sometimes he just rubs it in people's face.

His body language and facial expressions

Body language and facial expressions are important.

Ask anyone out there who's somewhat good with people, they will tell you that body language, and facial expressions matter very much. If you want friends or girls, or you do not want to be looked down upon, this is arguably an essential part.Similarly, if you want to look arrogant, some body movements make you seem like an arrogant person. Cristiano Ronaldo's facial expressions are that of an arrogant person, like it or not.

He is wonderful, but you can see he looks like a complete arrogant person, just by his face alone. You may think this is not a major ordeal, but it is. Similarly, his body language also makes it look like he is arrogant. When things do not go his way, for example, with the referee, he gets angry.

When his teammates do not pass to him, you can see frustration. When he scores, he often points at himself, and the SI celebration puts his body such that shows too much confidence. Add that with his facial expressions, and you will have people think he is arrogant, because of the way he uses his body. Don't believe me? Do your research about science.

His actions on the pitch

Cristiano may be a friendly person, but his actions on the pitch are questionable. Let's start with the worst ones. Whenever he is touched, he could still look for the ball. Instead, Cristiano often stops, gets angry and looks at the referee and expects a free-kick. I am not talking about a dive; Ronaldo does often look for the ball after being touched and hopes the judge to give a free-kick because he is Cristiano.

Now, what makes it all worse is that he is often found kicking, pushing and hitting players for absolutely no reason. Furthermore, with his body movements and his facial expressions, it is just no surprise that many think he is arrogant. It happens far too consistently for an attacker. These actions are understandable for a defender, but a forward hitting and kicking players because of frustration?

Things he says are either arrogant or can sound arrogant

For those who research, Cristiano often speaks about himself. Sometimes, some questions are not about him, and he somehow manages to make it about himself. Next thing is his statements. "Thinking positively, with what I've achieved, I think I'm the best player of the last 20 years." "It's surely because I'm good-looking, rich and a great footballer.

They're jealous of me. I don't have any other explanation." "If everyone was at my level, we would be first place."

Let me tell you exactly what is wrong with Ronaldo saying these statements. Cristiano's comments are either wrong and morally incorrect to say, too easy to twist around by the media or too easy to see as arrogant, especially by people who dislike him for my statements above. Yes, Ronaldo said that he wanted to believe that he is the best, but he should not say such things at all. Saying you're attractive, wealthy and an exceptional player should be unsaid, it is as simple as that. It does not matter if it is true or not, it does not look humble, it does not look respectable either for many people.

Moreover, where did he say we would be first place if everyone were his level, he meant fitness level, but the media twisted it around, and with his image, that was not too difficult. Cristiano's statements are just too easy to misunderstand.

First Impressions

We have all done it before, we come to school, and we have a new teacher, and we manage to give a wrong first impression. Ever since that first impression, the teacher picks on you just because of that first impression.The same thing applies with Cristiano, at this point he could be as beautiful as he tries to be, but people would dislike him. It's how humans are, deal with it.

Comparisons with Lionel Messi

Cristiano and Messi are compared, which made people compare their personalities as well.

We know how Messi, he does not talk much or do much, he's often calm in many matches. That does not mean Messi is a morally upright person from inside; we do not know these things. However, one thing is without a doubt, Messi knows how to keep calm, how to sound humble, Cristiano Ronaldo does not. Cristiano Ronaldo on his own already sounds somewhat arrogant, but ever since the media started comparing him to Messi, Ronaldo looking proud gets much more attention.

Attention hunting?

I notice that many Cristiano haters suspect that Cristiano Ronaldo's an attention seeker. Naked pictures, always looking at the camera? No wonder haters think he is an attention seeker.

What about Cristiano Ronaldo positives?

Like I've already said, Cristiano's first impression was somewhat terrible. No matter how much I hate to say it, humans are abrogating. People are always noticing the negatives before the positives. For instance, I praise Cristiano 100 times per week, but a few statements make people think I hate him. People pick the negatives over the positives.

"But then what about his charities?" When you look at everything I have said, it almost seems like a PR stunt. The question is, is Cristiano, an arrogant person? I believe he is not arrogant, but he has somewhat of a major ego. He frequently speaks about himself, thinks the world is revolved around him and so on.

Ronaldo still seems like an excellent man, but in the end, his ego is still there. Yes, he does charities, but it's tenable whether he does it to look better or to help people. Either way, it helps people. I like believing that he does it to help people, and I think he is an excellent man, and he genuinely means to help people, but he is also doing it for the attention, and that is undeniable.

From my perspective, Cristiano is an excellent man, but he is a sore loser and outputs an excessive number of emotions. He is much excessively honest at times; he is not showing you a fake version. That is fine, that is what makes me love Cristiano, but it includes some significant pitfalls. As to comparisons being made to Zlatan being arrogant as well, look at the difference in the way Zlatan talks and in the way Cristiano talks.

Zlatan laughs, and he is joking around with people. The way he speaks is different from Cristiano. Cristiano shows he is earnest about it.

We humans obviously cannot see what's in Cristiano's heart; we do not know whether he is a likable person or an arrogant person. However, Cristiano's behavior makes him look arrogant. He was unchosen as an arrogant person; he behaved in particular manners that made him look arrogant. When someone says Cristiano's arrogant, try to see it from his or her perspective.Yes, there are obviously always going being people who blindly listen to the media, but Cristiano being deemed as arrogant has reasons regardless.