After watching the documentary, "What the Health" on Netflix last week, I decided to switch to a Vegan lifestyle. More people have begun to incorporate plant-based diet into their lives. I had attempted this in the past but was not able to keep it going, often due to my lack of cooking skills and overwhelming love of eating out. However, after watching the Netflix documentary, I knew I had to try one last time to really commit to veganism. This time, I made up my mind to succeed. I also decided to cook my own food.

Eating vegan is not as hard as it looks

My first week eating vegan was very successful, as I was able to not only eat at home, but also find healthy plant-based options at all sorts of different restaurants. I was even able to find vegan ice creams, perfect for my sweet tooth. While out and about in Manhattan with friends, I quickly was able to modify a pasta dish to make it vegan by simply requesting it be made without cheese. Most of the restaurants I frequent serve sushi, so when at these places I ordered vegetable rolls with a side of low sodium soy sauce, all of which were totally plant-based. I didn't feel restricted at all when eating vegan outside of my home now that most restaurants are serving vegan alternatives to their usual dishes.

Benefits of plant-based diet

Although at least one meal a day that I've eaten has been either sushi or pasta, I still managed to lose two pounds due to eating more healthily. Within the week, my skin has totally cleared up, and I know this is due to upping the amount of health food I consumed in my diet. I feel very energized, and have not felt bloated after any meal I've eaten.

The switch to a plant-based lifestyle, for me, is easy, as it is clear that the benefits talked about in documentaries are real. I hope that more people can try it out for themselves. Not only is it good for a person's overall health, it is also good for the environment, and saves the lives of many animals.

After one week eating plant-based, I can say I absolutely would recommend it.

I am excited to see the long-term benefits I feel as I stick to this way of eating for a longer period of time, and to switch the rest of my lifestyle, including my clothing, household products, and makeup, over to vegan, as well. As of right now, I know that there is no way I could start eating animal products again, and I hope others can also begin to see just how authentic the advantages of a plant-based diet are.