WWE founder Vince McMahon immediately gave Hulk Hogan the boot after he made racist comments in a video. McMahon has been silent, however, regarding his friend Donald Trump. Loyal fans of the WWE have been calling for Vince to oust the president from the WWE Hall of Fame for his racial views. So far the billionaire business man has not responded. And amid all the firings and defections at the White House, the wrestling mogul's wife Linda remains the head of the "Small Business Association."

Why is Vince Mcmahon remaining silent

WWE fans began a petition on August 18, demanding that the WWE remove Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame, but two weeks later there has been no response.

McMahon also has not even made a statement regarding the racist views of his good buddy Donald Trump. Up to this point, Vince seemed like a stand-up guy in the business world as his wrestlers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Every February the WWE does something to acknowledge Black History Month. Some consider this an empty gesture, while others believed it was McMahon's way of reaching out to his black fan base. The quick chastisement of Hulk Hogan's minor offense, compared with completely ignoring fans regarding the blatant racist actions of Donald Trump are suspect. The McMahon's are billionaires, and Linda Mcmahon does not need the money, so why has she not resigned, and distanced herself from the train wreck this current administration has become?

The silence is speaking volumes and may be costly.

A boycott of WWE would bring truth to light

Vince McMahon should have spoken out immediately and let the wrestling fans know that he did not support the racist views of Donald Trump. If he addresses the issue now or decides to remove his friend from the WWE Hall of Fame, it will be too little too late.

Vince and Linda McMahon remaining silent clearly shows their legions of fans where their loyalty lies. Should the millions of Americans who are against racism decide to boycott all things related to McMahon's dynasty, Vince and Linda will not be hurting because they have enough money.

They will not, however, be able to maintain their legacy should they begin to have half empty venues.

If the fans protest and stop attending WWE events, it will send a message loud and clear. There is an old saying that birds of a feather flock together. Being Billionaire business moguls may not be all that binds the Mcmahon's to Donald Trump.