As they have shown, Marvel makes better movies than DC. Marvel's universe is growing and easy to follow. The characters are being fully developed and none are being left out. Whether it be on the T.V. or in a movie, everything is connected to each other. The DC universe is slowly growing and have large aspects that aren't being built on. DC's focus is on one thing, while Marvel's is in on several aspects of their universe.

Marvel has television shows on Netflix and those shows are based on specific characters, like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and the upcoming Punisher.

There are several innuendos in these shows that point toward the cinematic universe and The Avengers. These innuendos help show that the universe is all connected. Along with these shows, there are movies specific for characters, like Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America. Even The Hulk movies are connected even over various actor changes (not including X-Men and Fantastic Four). Marvel connects everything while having specific movies for specific characters.

DC has TV shows based on specific characters, like Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and the upcoming Black Lightning, and due to the crossover, these T.V. shows are fantastic and connected. They pay attention to what each other do and because of it, if something happens in one show that would affect the world, the other shows are affected.

The movies are where DC falls short.

What DC does wrong.

DC movies always seem to come behind the Marvel movies. Where there was Captain America, Man of Steel was behind. Where there was Iron Man, The Dark Knight was behind-even though the trilogy was amazing and well done. Where there was Captain America: Civil War, Batman Vs.

Superman was way behind.

Just recently, with Wonder Woman, DC started to pick it up in their films. Wonder Woman gave promise and hope to DC fans. Finally, a movie that wasn't terrible. But the reasoning behind this? DC took a page out of Marvel's book and decided to take a full movie to develop a character (which they plan on doing with more characters) instead of just throwing them into a mash-up where all the back stories are crammed in.

However, even though it seems that DC is beginning to look up, they are still not reaching full potential. They are wasting their time redoing characters that are already well developed. Well… at least one.

How DC can Recover.

The Flash on the CW is a phenomenal show, reaching its 4th season in October. This Flash is extremely well done, with (almost) all character development completed. But DC still decides to make a Flash movie with a separate actor, and a completely different story. Of course, Grant Gustin's Flash is owned by CW and Ezra Miller's Flash is the cinematic DC. And, not to say that one actor is better than the other, but Grant Gustin is already the poster boy for the Flash and he plays the part well.

Not only that, but if CW allowed Grant Flash to be in the Justice League, that would mean more views for the CW. And it would mean that DC doesn't have to spend funding on a movie for the Flash and can focus on better character development for other characters, because character development was done in the show.

The Green Arrow is another character owned by CW, and will be reaching its 6th season in October along with “The Flash.” However, DC has said that they are not doing anything with a Green Arrow character in the movies. Now why would they pass up on a free character? Development has already been done, several people already know the character and actor. The actor, Stephen Amell, plays the part well and has already been established to several fans as the Green Arrow.

DC refuses to take what's being handed to them and because of it, their movies are failing. They are creating a difficult situation for the fans, showing that they are pushing toward a justice league in the movies, but the way that the T.V. series is going looks toward a whole different justice league. If they continue to waste their time re-vamping things that have already been done well, then DC will always be behind Marvel when it comes to the cinema.