The son of Vince McMahon had a close call today while traveling by helicopter. Shane McMahon's pilot had to make an emergency landing in the Atlantic Ocean. Both were rescued, and no injuries were reported. No reason was given as to why the aircraft malfunctioned.

Shane McMahon had a close call

McMahon was aboard a Robinson R 44 helicopter, which came down near Long Island's Giilg Beach on Wednesday morning. The Federal Aviation Administration stated that the helicopter had taken off from Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY. The pilot issued a mayday distress call just before the helicopter went into the water.

A commercial flight that was headed to Kennedy International Airport heard the call for help. They, in turn, relayed it to FAA controllers working at a radar facility.

Shane Mcmahon said the experience was very unnerving, but he remained super calm because his pilot kept a level head. In a tweet, he thanked the man upstairs for looking out for him. McMahon also expressed his gratitude to his pilot and emergency rescue personnel who responded after the helicopter landed on the water. The aircraft could be seen bobbing in the water with yellow pontoons floating around it.

Shane McMahon is no stranger to dangerous situations

Shane Mcmahon is fan favorite and known for his signature shuffle when he enters the ring.

He also is no stranger to dangerous situations. He has done a lot of stunts in the "WWE "and comes out unscathed each time. His most famous was during "Wrestlemania" 32 when McMahon was in a "Hell in a Cell" match with the Undertaker. Shane jumped 20 feet from the top of the cage in an attempt to beat his opponent.

The Undertaker -- who was lying on one of the announcer's tables -- moved, and Shane landed on top of the table, rather than on his opponent.

It was reported that Shane was taken to the hospital, but later he was seen out and about with no apparent injuries.

Being the son of Vince McMahon, Shane grew up in the world of professional wrestling, as did his sister Stephanie. Both have had various jobs within the WWE Universe. They were even competing with each other when Vince decided Stephanie was to oversee "Monday Night RAW " and Shane was named the head of "Smackdown" Both have general managers who work under them. Their mother Linda is no longer a visible part of the organization. She was appointed by President Donald Trump to head the Small Business Administration.