stephen miller's scathing attack on CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a White House press briefing over a week ago drew a lot of attention for being another example and further proof of a hostile White House. The attack on Jim Acosta was seen as a "win" for extremist right-wing circles for going after an "elite" member of the media.

Stephen Miller accused another of 'cosmopolitan' bias

This is not entirely out of the norm, however, as Jim Acosta has been repeatedly targeted by the administration during most press briefings. The most memorable part of the exchange was when Miller accused Acosta of his "cosmopolitan bias" when they were arguing over legal immigration requirements.

But the Washington Post reported on the Hypocrisy recently in an article titled: "Stephen Miller blasted a reporter as ‘cosmopolitan.’ But he lives in a $1 million CityCenter condo," showing that Miller is just as guilty of being cosmopolitan.

Miller part of extremist faction in White House

Miller has been part of the extremist element in the trump campaign and the White House. So far, he is one of those leftover from that power structure as the administration went through changes in staff and changes in White House influence. With many in D.C. growing tired of the abrasive way that the administration tries to "legislate," many would agree at this point that it would behoove the White House to drop the Bannon-infused extremism and restore the presidency to its normal function.

As more time passes, the pattern of hypocrisy which accompany the lies that come poring out of a defensive and hostile administration are clear. And Stephen Miller's hypocritical attack on Acosta is "signature" Trump. Miller grabbed headlines early in the year when he said that the power of the President was unquestionable.

His demands were seen as an example of the kind of authoritarian power that the administration was looking forward to embracing. Further proof of this was with the hypocrisy of members of the administration to claim they were working for the people, the worker and the middle class and yet they still live like elitists.

Stephen Miller's hypocrisy styled after Trump

The Post reported that Miller dropped over $970,000 on the two-bedroom CityCenter condo in 2014 and currently pays $1,800 a month. The location has various eateries and international retail stores such as Gucci and Hermes that are within walking distance. But such is the standard for people like Trump, who is a billionaire with multiple properties and conflicts of interest while still claiming to be supportive of, again, hard working people. In fact, Trump has reportedly spent tax-payer money to take extended trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort almost every weekend before switching to his golf club in New Jersey.

It's also been reported that Trump has spent more time golfing on the weekends than former President Obama.

This is largely seen as hypocritical because as a private citizen, Donald Trump had accused the former president of golfing way too much. More recently. President Trump has said that the White House was a "dump" which clearly showed that he sees himself and the locations he accommodates as more worthy of himself and his narcissism. Such is the case with Stephen Miller