Recent actions by President Donald trump showed he pales in comparison to his predecessor, Barack Obama, in at least two areas. One is tweeting and the second is responding to criticism, however, when it comes to golf, Trump played more while president than Obama.

A Washington Post report compared the tweeting metrics of the two presidents and found that Obama is a better tweeter because even if he has fewer posts, his tweets had a higher rate of retweets. The difference in how the two Oval Office occupants responded to criticism was highlighted by Trump waging a tweet war against “Morning Joe” hosts because they made fun of his fake Time magazine cover displayed in four of golf courses owned by the real estate billionaire.

The golfing president

NBC News reported that since Trump became president in January, he had spent 35 days at golf courses he owns. Vox calculated the time he spent on the greens and estimated it is about 21 percent of the time he has been in office. It has led some people to ask if American taxpayers have been paying Trump to golf and tweet than to run the country efficiently.

The Telegraph pointed out that during the campaign period, the Republican Party presidential candidate told voters if he would win, Trump would be too busy to visit the golf courses he owns. At the same time, when Obama was still in the White House, the host then of “The Apprentice” criticized the president for spending too much time playing golf.

At a campaign in New Hampshire, Trump was quoted as saying, “I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off and make great deals, right?” Now that the shoe is on the other golfing foot, White House officials are suggesting the president plays golf with world leaders as his way of diplomacy.

In March, he met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago and they played 18 holes.

More than Clinton and Bush

Mashable reported an estimate made by PolitiFact that as of June 12, Trump played golf at least 17 times since he became president. For the same period in his first year of the presidency, Obama played only five times.

The website also compared Trump’s visits to golf courses and found he did it more than two other presidents, namely Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

In another report, CBS reported that Obama, throughout his eight-year term, played golf 333 times or once every 8.8 days. He played the sport both for relaxation and to build political alliances. In contrast, Trump plays golf every five days.