Fallout 4” is one of the most popular survival games today. The game is also popular for its creative modding community, where they regularly release tons of new mods that Players can enjoy. Some players also believed that “Fallout 4” isn't complete without mods. There are different types of mods that players can get today. Some of them add new objects and features, while some of them completely change the whole game. Here are the Top 3 mods that fans should try this 2017.

Motorcycle Mod

The Motorcycle is one of the most popular mods in “Fallout 4.” Players can drive anywhere using the motorcycle.

The mod also allows players to fully customize their motorcycles, making it look more stylish. It is also upgradable, where players can add headlights and different containers, which will be useful for collectors. In order to run the motorcycle, players will have to repair it first. The parts that players will need are 3 oil, 5 screws, and 5 of each steel, adhesive and rubber. Players can also add a cart behind the motorcycle, which will be used by the dog companion.

Wearable Backpacks

Wearable Backpacks is considered one of the most useful mods in “Fallout 4” today. It is known that “Fallout 4” limits the number of items that players can carry. Due to this, players often put some of their weapon collection in their base.

With the Backpacks mod, players will be able to carry more items. The Backpack mod also comes with craftable pouches, bandoliers, and vests, which also adds more capacity. Players can wear all of them together, giving the character a fresh and new look. The Backpacks mod is also loved because of its ability to carry most of their heavy equipment anywhere they want, such as miniguns, rocket launchers, and heavy armors.


Players will be able to enhance the survival gameplay in“Fallout 4” with the use of the Campsites mod. The said mod allows players to craft different survival equipment, such as tents, sleeping bags, and cooking stoves. Players can also craft lanterns for better lighting at night, as they wasteland is completely dark.

There is also a craftable bed for the dog companion, making it one of the most beneficial mods today. Players can place camps from almost anywhere in the in-game world. Most of the camping items can also be customized. Players should also not worry about the materials in crafting different camping items, as it will only cost a few resources.