Record of Agarest War 2” is a tactical role-playing game created by Idea Factory and published by Compile Heart. This is the sequel to the popular “Record of Agarest War” game, but the third title of the franchise. A prequel of the first title was released before this one, which explains the fact of being the third title.

This video game introduces new characters to the story and it still has the same fan services offered like sexy images and the like. It also introduces a new feature, which has a big impact on my final score. Here is my full Game Review of this title.

Flashy effects and that is all to it

This video game is supposed to be an upgrade to the previous two titles before it, but from my point of view, it still has the same graphical features. Sure, they may have added better 3D models, but that could only be viewed on certain cinematic scenes of the game. The rest are Japanese animation pictures and the small, but somewhat a normal looking 2D model that can be viewed from different angles.

While the 2D models are a redeeming feature of the game, it still stands that there is no improvement to its graphics. The big monsters and bosses are the only ones with 3D models, which are mostly abundant in it. The world environment is great in detail, even if this was only a PlayStation 3 title.

The 3D effects for the skills, powers, and more look amazing for a PS3 JRPG. It is the only one that makes the game look colorful and vibrant compared to the battlefield environment colors that look bland and pale. While some parts of the game feel depressing due to the situation, it should have vibrant and bright colors to make up for that.

The sound is loud and has a lot of horns

One of the things a noticed playing “Record of Agarest War 2” is its loud music and somewhat it consists of horn sounds. This might be their way of making the game more active, enthusiastic, or vibrant, but looping this short background music can tend to become a bit annoying in the long term.

This was a big turn off for me since it kind of made the game more annoying to play rather than enjoyable.

The voice acting is done well at least. The dialogues are believable and contain emotions of the character that it is trying to convey. This allows people to follow the story more rather than getting annoyed.

The new feature is its downfall

This latest title in the series has a new feature that allows players to put characters in different angles in order to fight monsters on the other side of the field. This allows them to create different types of combinations and damages enemies greatly. This new feature is a big departure from their usual strategy type gameplay that was simple, but easy to follow.

The new feature is its downfall because it made the gameplay more complicated to learn. It was a whole new process to swallow and it was not easy to learn with its numerous factors that changed the strength of the damage against a monster. For me, it looked useless and they should have stuck with the old gameplay system.

Another problem for this game is its payable DLCs. The more you pay for the DLC, the better the items you get and the stronger you are in the game, which made the challenge totally useless now. Even on higher difficulty levels, enemies are easy to crush with the high-level equipment and items you bring in the battlefield.

Replay feature looks useless with paid DLCs

With the numerous paid DLCs that make the game utterly easy to play even on high difficulty, the replay feature called New Game Plus is useless.

The items, weapons, and armor that you get on paid DLCs can easily overpower any enemy in the game unless they are super high-level bosses. The replay feature makes it useless now, which means the replay value is very low.

With total disappointment for “Record of Agarest War 2,” I can honestly say that I wasted a lot of time playing this game until a certain point. I also regret purchasing the Collector’s Edition of the video game, even though the contents looked good and the price was cheap. I will rate this game a low 3 out of 10 points.

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