The PS1 was a legendary console that holds many memories for all types of gamers. This system contained plenty of amazing games that are still glorified to this day for their amazing stories and iconic moments. In today’s era of remakes and remasters, there still seems to be hope for some Ps1 Games to get the modern day treatment. With titles like “Final Fantasy Vii” and “Resident Evil 2” finally coming to the current consoles soon, we still can’t help but wish for other games to join them. With that being said, here are some PS1 titles we’d like to see get remade.

‘Resident Evil 3’

With the two previous games already getting the remake treatment, what better way to pay homage to the series than by remaking the third game? Here, you take control of STARS member Jill Valentine who must find a way to escape Raccoon City before it gets nuked. However, it’s not an easy journey as the streets are filled with zombies and other horrific creatures – not to mention the addition of Nemesis. You’ll constantly be hounded by a powerful bioweapon capable of killing you with a few hits. Overall, “Resident Evil 3” is hands down one of the best games on the PS1 and deserves to stand beside the other remade titles.

‘Persona 2’

Another great entry to the series, “Persona 2” was a really strange game.

The game followed its own format and didn’t include the previous mechanics from 3, 4, and 5. Not to mention the story included some really crazy scenes and even had Hitler as the final boss. Even so, these quirky elements managed to mesh together quite nicely and still portrayed the underlying messages of the “Persona” franchise.

While we might not see a remake of this game anytime soon, Atlus recently held a poll asking fans what they wanted. The option for a Persona 2 remake was at the top of their list, so maybe there could still be hope.

‘Chrono Cross’

Ending off our list, we have the timeless JRPG that captured the hearts of many fans, “Chrono Cross.” The main plot focus on a teenage boy named Serge along with the theme of parallel worlds.

Due to some strange circumstances, two worlds begin to collide and he goes on a journey to discover the reason why. He meets many strange and unique characters along the way that can be recruited as party members. “Chrono Cross” is one of the most critically-acclaimed games and has earned plenty of positive scores back when it first released. There’s no doubt that remaking the game would create tons of hype, possibly even more than the “Final Fantasy VII” remake.