If you have a spare Money sitting in your bank account or extra fund that you want to grow, you can venture into a business and work hard to double or triple your capital. Or, you can invest in Stock Market and watch your money grow. Here are the top five reasons why you should invest in the stock market as early as now.

1. More growth potential

Given a huge amount of time, your $100 can grow into an enormous amount of money. You can deposit it in banks or buy something with it. In reality, bank interests tend to earn you a minimal sum of money and wasted opportunity to make it grow.

And that something you bought for $100, it can be gone after a year or two. But when you invest in the stock market, your $100 could grow $910,000 just after your retirement.

This is possible because of compounded growth that the stock market offers. Say, the average growth of the company you invested is 20%, your money is growing compounded by 20%. If your fund is big and time is on your side, the growth of your investment would be even more.

2. You get back your investment

The thing about the stock market is that even if there are times that you see more red than green charts, the stock market will eventually correct itself. When it drops, it will be ascending once again at the right time. In fact, when there is a market recession, it is a wiser time to buy additional stocks for a lower price.

When the market recovers, you will have extra income because you bought your stocks at a lower price.

3. It is a great tool to reach your goals

Whether your goal is to buy a new car or to pay your student loans, a huge amount of money for your retirement, name it all. Investing in stocks makes it possible for you to reach your financial goal.

It surely beats saving every day on your old piggy bank.

Say, you are saving your money every now and then for emergency purposes. Once your savings are spent, you start saving again and the process repeats itself. Rather than repeating this process, you can invest in stocks and secure your money by annual growth.

4. Stock market beats inflation

Inflation makes your money's value lesser than before. Your $100 today may only have a value of $90 next year. But when you invest your money in stocks, because of the annual growth of your money, it negates the effect of inflation.

5. You don't have to put everything in the stock exchange

Sure, it is better to have a bigger fund in the stock market, but in reality, you don't have to put all your fund in the stock market to earn money. You can appropriate fund in the stock market as well as save for other things.