The Jets have been a shell of themselves for several years, and they are in Tank mode with a good young coach in Todd Bowles at the helm. They will likely get him fired because they cannot win enough games, and they will leave him behind as they allow Mike Mccagnan to retool the roster in his own image. They will be a bad team, and they will drag their coach with them. It is unfortunate because Todd Bowles deserves to be a head coach in the NFL, and he just took the wrong job the first time around.

They stink

They got rid of their best players, and they have one serviceable quarterback ahead of one bad one and one we do not even know.

They have mismanaged the position so badly that they could not do any worse. There is no more Revis Island, and they have no more offensive line. Their defense has been picked apart, and they are left with a first round pick on defense who needs time to mature. This is, by far, the worst team in the NFL.

But, the Browns!

The Browns are on a plan. They are the team that went on a diet and signed up for the plan. They are going to have the Kizer dinner, and they are going to have the Garrett lunch. They even have a Joe Thomas snack. They have stuck to their new plan, and they have shown that they are committed to it. They will grow Kizer into a starter, and they will grow Garrett into an elite defensive force.

That is far better than what the Jets are doing.

But, the Jags!

Please spare me the Jets fans who want to say that the Jags are worse. Their QB situation is a mess, but they have a very good quarterback to pick up for Bortles when he does not pan out. You would kill to have Chad Henne as your quarterback right now if you were a Jets fan, and all you have to show for yourself right now is that you are sucking for Sam.

You cannot suck for Sam

Sam Darnold will not play for the Jets. I think his family must be smart enough to get someone to give them Archie Manning's phone number, and they can ask him how he forced the Chargers to trade Eli to the Giants. This is not hard to figure out, and I would do the same if I were Sam's parent. He deserves better, and he could wait another year to play.

Heck, he could become a doctor or a lawyer if the Jets have the top pick for the next couple years.

I cannot believe in the Jets until they cut Hackenberg, give Petty a chance, and stop sucking for Sam. They will get a good coach fired, and they will drag their fan base back to the bottom of the abyss once again. All because they cannot manage personnel.