During what was supposed to be a peaceful protest Sunday, turned into a free for all of assault and Pepper Spray. Protestors from both the right and left sides of the aisle engaged in an enormous display of hateful violence. protesters from the “Solidarity Against Hate” clashed with the “Freedom Rally,” which was hosted by the Patriot Prayer Group. All was well until the group Solidarity Against Hate showed up and that is when all hell broke loose, reported The Daily Caller.

Police officers clashed with protesters from both sided, leading in arrests and pepper spray being deployed.

The clash, ended with injuries to both sides, as-well-as to the officers, overseeing the protest. Police used “blast ball” and “pepper spray,” to keep the protesters separated. Blast balls are plastic balls full of pepper spray that explodes on impact similar to a paint ball and releases pepper spray on the individuals aimed at.

Who is the Solidarity Against Hate, group?

Better known as “Anti-Fascist,” (ANTIFA) are known to travel from state to state, protesting what they call “Fascists.” In their wake, they cause destruction everywhere they protest. Many experts compare these members with terrorists. They cover their faces to conceal their identities so they can’t be recognized.

Dictionary.com defines fascism as a government led by a dictator that suppresses opposition and attempts to silence those that disagree with their ideology.

ANTIFA is known to fly communist flags and hail dictators from the past, such as Joseph Stalin. If the ANTIFA is so opposed to fascism, then why do they try to silence the right wing activists? Their behavior completely contradicts what they claim to stand for.

Free speech under attack

I am totally for freedom of expression from either side.

Listening to both sides of a story is the American way. However, that is not the case these days. Both sides of the aisle engage in Anti-free speech against the other side in magnanimous proportions. If someone doesn’t agree with our ideology, the first thing we do is call the person names and engages in name calling and bullying.

Spews of names such as “Racist” and “Islamaphobe” fly too quickly in a heated debate. Whatever happened to everyone being entitled to their own opinion? As the liberal media try to discredit anyone with a difference of opinion, they have been met with equal force, lately. Yet, Fox News has been doing the same thing for the past few months. It is no wonder that many people are leaving the two main political parties to become “independents.” What are your thoughts?