Amid tensions between North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un and President Trump, Threats were made last week against Guam. Kim threatened to nuke the small island in retaliation to Trump's statements of raining “fire and fury” on the North end of the Korean peninsula. After the threat, President Trump doubled down on the threat to the dictator.

As a result, as reported by The Daily Caller, Kim has backed down from his intentions to fire missiles on Guam. Many were skeptical about the harshness of Trump's words, however, they seem to have been effective, claim experts.

Kim now appears to be de-escalating the conflict between the two countries. Kims threats came due to the tougher sanctions, approved by the U.N. last Wednesday. Kim threatened a show of force in retaliation that ended with him cowering.

The history of North Korea and US tensions

Since the Korean War, the North and South of the Korean peninsula have been two separate countries. Under the dictatorship of Kim Sr., the South was determined to be free of the North’s fierce leadership. Asking the US to help, South Korea engaged in the bloody battle that would split the two halves of the country. Because the US helped, North Korea now holds the US responsible.

The US bases in South Korea keep the North from advancing and re-taking the other half of the country.

Because of this, the North has threatened to go to war with America. Yet, nothing has happened to that effect. The threats have never gone further than just talk. However, they have escalated under the Obama administration, and grown even more under Trump. I believe the only thing that would stop North Korean aggression is for the South to submit to Kim’s Dictatorship, which will never happen.

Will China help keep N. Korea at bay?

In a piece written by Adam Behsudi of Politico on August 10, The reason China is reluctant to isolate North Korea is due to the Natural resources, like fuel and oil, sold to the North. Billions of dollars in resources are sold each year to the small country. On numerous occasions, Trump has asked for China to intervene.

Each time, China has said they would, but to no avail. This has many experts wondering if he ever will? In this day and age, money talks.

Will China throw away all that money to help the US? Many do not think so. China has its own issues with America. So intervention is highly unlikely. As we sit back and watch the drama of the world stage unfold, we often have to ask ourselves if intervention is even worth it. When you see all the innocent lives on the south end of the Korean peninsula, we can only imagine what would happen if America backed down. Those thoughts keep us in the middle of it.

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