Paul Ryan, the second in line for president after Mike Pence, is a typical selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant GOP party representative...for the most part. He supports cuts to welfare, child care, Pell grants, food stamps and other federal assistance programs. But he supports ‘block granting’ Medicaid to the states and the privatization of Social Security and Medicare.

Block grant: take from big states and give to the small ones

A block grant is a large sum of money granted by the national government to regional or state governments with only general provisions as to how it is to be spent, as opposed to a categorical grant which has stricter and specific provisions on how it is to be spent.

Block grants have been in play in our federal government since 1970, under a policy that has come to be known as “devolutionary” or “New Federalism”. The problem with this program is that it gives much larger disbursements to smaller states while cutting those of larger states like California dramatically. An analysis of block grants was made in the book "Sizing up the Senate," by Frances E Lee and Bruce I. Oppenheimer. Critics argue that the flexibility that block grants facilitate prevents the federal administrators from evaluating the effectiveness of these programs. One might say it works hand in hand with other forms of deregulation.

Paul Ryan: Catholic, sexist, discriminating bigot

Paul is a staunch Roman Catholic and naturally opposes abortion.

He also supports the defunding planned of parenthood. He wants to cut entitlement spending across the board. If his political position is any indication, Paul Ryan is also a bit sexist. He opposed the Lily Ledbetter act of 2009, which bolstered women’s rights to equal pay for equal work. I’m not sure why anyone would do such a thing and still expect not to be thought of as sexist.

Aligned with Mike Pence in almost all positions, Paul Ryan opposes same sex marriage. But, he supports civil unions. This, of course, makes no sense until one considers his heavy Catholic influence. He just doesn’t want to recognize a loving relationship between two consenting adults of the same sex as the same as one between a heterosexual couple.

Again, the influence of his religious underpinnings won’t allow him to leave people the hell alone. He is, shall we say, a discriminating bigot. And that is what is wrong with dipping one’s church into one’s state sauce.

On climate change, gun control, gun rights, Afghanistan, or medical coverage

The most critical point to consider when evaluating Paul Ryan as a possible replacement for the bloated orange tick as POTUS is that he doesn’t ‘think’ climate change is a problem made worse by human activity. He supports tax incentives for the petroleum industry and opposes them for renewable energy. What kind of a scientifically illiterate goon would do such a thing?

Paul Ryan opposes gun control and supports gun rights.

He supported both the war in Iraq and, subsequently, Afghanistan. I am sure I need not mention it since it is still fresh on all of our minds, but the man just tried to rip medical coverage from 20 million or so people! Let us not forget, Paul Ryan would never need to worry about his own medical expenses since his net worth exceeds 7 million dollars. Is he a jerk? I certainly think he is. Is he worse than Pence? I cannot say yet if he is worse, but he is definitely tied for first place.

Paul may not be as delusional as Mike Pence, or he may just be better at hiding it or playing it off. I’m still not sure on that subject. It’s clear, however, that he supports taking crucial medical coverage from people who need it.

He supports equal rights, as long as you are what he considers an equal. He is basically a “d!ck”. And I believe that is all that I can say about the man. If I met him in on the street, I would have to restrain myself from knocking him out.