According to countless rumors, it has been suggested that LeBron James will leave the Cleveland Cavaliers after the upcoming season. According to Lakers Nation, sources told them that Lebron will 100-percent be leaving the Cavs in the summer of 2018. It isn't really all that surprising. NBA writer, Chris Sheridan took it to Twitter and social media and in a nutshell dropped some captivating rumors that LeBron will be leaving the team.

After so much has taken place this summer and offseason it isn't much of a surprise that James might be leaving Cleveland for a second time in the summer of 2018 in Free Agency.

Chris Sheridan seemingly confirmed this on Wednesday.

The Chris Sheridan report

Many also agree with Chris ShSheridan'seport. They believe that LeBron can make big decisions quickly, so things can certainly change within the blink of an eye. If LeBron James does leave Cleveland once again it would explain why Kyrie Irving would like to be on the move as well.

Lebron is the big man on the court

Since LeBron has made his way back to Cleveland he has been a major piece to the teams puzzle in regards to success. He brought the Cavaliers to three straight NBA Finals.

If the Cavs do lose LeBron it would be an upset as he would be missed. James has averaged 27.1 PPG, contains a field goal percentage of .501, 7.3 rebounds per game, 7 assists per game, and a 3-point percentage of .342 in his career, according to Any team that lands LeBron will be lucky as according to Dwayne Wade, he can't be stopped. Do we have to be reminded of how good he actually is?

LeBron is the type of player that is always on his A game. He works hard, is always focused and does whatever it takes to win games.

Big news

This news is grand as there is still a whole NBA season to be played before LeBron becomes a free agent and makes his decision.

This means that there is no guarantee that LeBron will be leaving Cleveland. It will be fascinating to witness how this season will turnout for Cleveland and if LeBron holds true to the rumors and words he is informing many of. All the while, the Cavaliers are still in fact searching for trade partners for Irving. The latest rumors are the Cavs going after Porzingis.

There are also NBA insiders who believe that LeBron has not made this decision yet. Joe Vardon of reported that he has three sources that say that James has not come to this decision yet.

LeBron is the type of player that will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means associating with opponents.

It was spread in the news a few weeks ago that LeBron was seen working out with Russell Westbrook. LeBron has respect for other players of his caliber and he knows that there are other players just as good as him. So you can see why it would be an upset if LeBron left the Cavs.