Have you ever been walking or driving and a heard a song being played and smiled for no reason? Or been so upset yet heard a song and your mood changed? Music affects our emotions and can be used to uplift those emotions.

Stress reliever

We use music to relax after a long day, as a source of social interaction, while exercising to give us that boost of energy we need. It can be used to lower our anxiety levels and as an outlet for pent up emotions and stress. So persons who are suffering from depression can benefit from this type of therapy. Music therapy can help to elevate mood, decrease heart rate, respiratory rates, and blood pressure.

Communication skills

It can assist in improving communication skills, attention span and Motor Skills. For children with learning disabilities, this is one method that can be used to increase concentration. By setting goals, based on the individual needs of the patient, specific activities can be developed to help the patient. Objectives can include listening skills, singing, guided imagery, creative movement and so on. Music can be used to communicate how we are feeling even if we are unable to vocalize or if we are uncertain.

Pain management

Some researchers also argue that it can be used in Pain Management. They found that patients exposed to music therapy had a natural increase in oxytocin levels which helped to reduce the pain.

Develops motor skills

Learning to play an instrument can assist in developing motor skills especially those with injuries to the brain or motor impairment as well as delayed development. It teaches impulse control, improves coordination, strength and balance.

Creates relationships

Therapists can use it to form relationships with patients.

It can also be the foundation for socialization between persons. We have something we can talk about to others, a topic of conversation that can be funny or silly or motivating. It is a common ground people use as a precursor to deeper conversations.

Promotes team work

It is a good activity to engage in for team building since it promotes cooperation and collaboration within the group.

Each member is essential to the group’s success and must work together so that the music is harmonious. It engages each member and shows their importance to the whole group.

Improved self-esteem

Learning to play an instrument or creating a composition can build the self-esteem of the individual. We have a physical representation of our strengths and talents that we can reflect on or show to others. The idea of creating something beautiful can increase our positive feelings of self-worth.

It can be used for persons who have physical, emotional, social or cognitive shortfalls. There are many alternatives to traditional medications and therapies today. Finding persons who are trained practitioners is really the most difficult challenge. Open your mind to new experiences and try new techniques. They may give you the results you are looking for and have not been able to find.