The tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday that culminated in the loss of life should be a wake-up call and open the eyes of sleeping Americans who try to pretend racism no longer exists. Many People Of Color in America warned that this day was coming, but they were not heeded. The signs of racial tensions began growing as soon as David Duke endorsed Donald Trump and have escalated since he was elected.

The Trump effect in action

Immediately after Donald Trump became President hate crimes increased, with attacks against Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, and the LGBTQ community.

The newly elected POTUS insisted he was a leader for all Americans but immediately began signing legislation that proved he was not. He reversed the laws that protected the LBGTQ citizens working in the government, and also the legislation that allowed transgender students to utilize the restroom of their choosing.

On Saturday in Charlottesville, David Duke said Trump's campaign promise to take back America was being fulfilled. Now there is an outcry in America and even some Republicans are speaking out against the fact that Neo Nazi-White Supremacists and members of the KKK were allowed to protest in the Virginia college town. Many are decrying the fact that the President will not specifically speak to the hate groups and call them by name.

This is all just more of the Trump effect in action.

People of color saw the writing on the wall when Donald Trump was elected

When people of color braced themselves for the hate that was to come, they were greeted with varied responses on social media. Some people said to give Donald Trump a chance, while others replied that we were jealous because Obama was no longer in office.

One individual posted daily that Trump haters were mad because Hillary lost the election Truthfully, there was something that people of color realized that white Americans did not, because it did not affect them the same way.

Any time an individual has been the recipient of some type of abusive behavior they easily recognize it when they see it again.

People of color have been dealing with subtle and overt racism for decades in this nation, and have become astute at perceiving when the dog whistle is being blown. Perceptive Americans of all races should have seen Charlottesville coming.

Donald Trump allowed the far right some liberties in order to get elected. The signs of growing racial tension have been front and center since the 2016 election. They have however been ignored or pushed to the back burner by those who are not affected. Black and Brown Americans knew that David Duke and his kind would milk the Trump presidency for all it was worth to push forth their racist agenda. And now here we are.