Are you worried about your investment decisions? Are you debating whether you should agree to a new financial scheme? Welcome to your daily FinanceScope for Pisces! Astrologer Megan Wilson explains what the stars have to say about your future and the path you should take. Read on to find out more about what’s ahead and how you should handle the issues you face in your life.

What to expect

An off cloud of apathy has overtaken you today. You will not feel much like doing anything, in particular, tiring things like trading will fall to the wayside.

This may be for the best in any case, as you likely have no spectacular trader’s magic on hand today to dazzle with, you will more likely get them burned off if you try to dabble. Friends with an Ascendant in Virgo should be very cautious. Consider each move carefully and perhaps give up following the intuition you never really had to begin with. Steady on ahead, studying the landscape, and application is truly the only way ahead.

Your supervisor proves to be difficult, seemingly thinking they alone know best how to get out of this mess, and their view diverges sharply from yours. There is no point in mouthing off since neither of you is right.

Any financial investments of a risky nature should be avoided today.

If small amounts of money are involved though, theses can be allowed to fly under the radar. Diversification is particularly important in these uncertain times, leaning too heavily on any one thing will end in disaster. Losses are particularly likely on high-risk investments. Significant risk will be found with any new decisions, so put them off for now and turn down any invitations to join financial schemes if you can escape them.

How to get through your day

Things have not been easy of late, and your sensitivity to what is going on around you has understandably affected your mood. Allow yourself the time you need to feel whatever needs expressing. The feeling of disconnect will soon pass. Try not to engage in any conflict that presents itself, the anger may feel good for a while, but it will not sweep away the underlying issue.

Do something positive to draw yourself out. It doesn't even have to be for someone close to you. Just do something you know you are good at. You will feel happier with each small achievement. But keep all major decisions until you have an upswing in your mood and circumstance. Spending money on anything other than the basics right now will prove an error. Try to have a heart-to-heart with someone close to you, a family member or friend. The relief of expressing yourself may provide the release you have been craving lately. At any rate, it is unlikely to hurt.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Pisces. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, don’t miss another one! Check back tomorrow for more updates on your horoscope and be sure to share with your friends. Have a great day!