Justin Bieber recently canceled the rest of his “PurposeWorld Tour and as expected, controversies immediately came rushing in. Several reports are pointing out one common reason why he took such a bold move - faith. The 23-year-old singer Finally took control of the biggest aspect of his life and that is fame.

According to The Guardian, there are over 150 concerts in 40 countries for the world tour. Unfortunately, the final fourteen events were canceled at Justin Bieber’s discretion. While many fans were disappointed by this news, the “Sorry” singer finally broke his silence on Instagram.

He addressed the situation as to why he did what he had to do.

Fleshing out Justin Bieber’s sincere letter

“Learning and growing have not always been easy but knowing I am not alone has kept me going,” Bieber said as he expresses gratitude towards his avid fans. It was a long message but was heartfelt enough to keep the readers going.

Bieber started his career at such a young age. And just like several Disney sweethearts that went wild after a huge break, the “What Do You Mean” singer was ultimately overwhelmed by his fame. Obviously, he was not able to handle Hollywood and became one of the most controversial stars in the headlines.

He went on in the letter saying, “I let the bitterness, jealousy, and fear run my life.” During his featured interview with Complex in 2015, Bieber shared how he wanted to live like Jesus.

Until now, he has always been vocal about this desire. Some people laugh about it, some were puzzled, and others respected this view.

Adding fuel to the fire is his longtime involvement with the Australian faith-based group Hillsong. Moving on to the letter, Bieber shared that he allowed insecurities and broken relationships to dictate his treatment towards people.

The young male singer has no doubt reflected a lot about the past.

Message beyond maturity

Faith taught him the past does not define what his future will be. He further talked about learning and growing out of his mistakes. Bieber finally realized how his voice can greatly influence the people.

Now, discussing sustainability is the deepest part of his message.

His current state: career, money, fame, and anything in this world is in the palm of his hands. Unfortunately, these did not sustain him for long. He wants his “mind, heart and soul” to be sustainable above all.

Just like every human being, Justin Bieber is very well aware that he is never going to be perfect and will keep on committing mistakes. However, he wants to try harder. He even talked about being a better man, husband, and father in the future. Beliebers are looking forward to this change and people will all know where this is coming from once it all happens.