John Harbaugh has been given a big extension through the 2019 season. My subtitle may suggest that I think he does not deserve it. I actually think he should be paid and kept in Baltimore, but he is clearly living off that Super Bowl win. He is not coaching the best team in his division, and he needs to make another strong playoff push to show that he is not wasting Joe Flacco's best years.

The team is underperforming

The Ravens are underperforming given how well they played when they won the Super Bowl just four years ago. They were so good in that season that they appeared to be ready to take over their division completely.

The team itself has remained strong, and they have one of the best GMs in all of football in Ozzie Newsome. Their offense is very good, and their defense is very good. They simply have not pulled through in clutch moments that would have sent them back to the promised land.

Harbaugh is a good coach

Harbaugh is a very good coach just as his brother is, but he is not pushing his team to the same depths in the playoffs that they once saw. The Ravens have been stuck behind the Patriots for a while, and they still seem to be stuck there. Harbaugh has maintained the same demeanor that has made him respected, but it may be wearing a bit thin in Baltimore. I do not think the team dislikes him, but there may come a point at which he is no longer effective.

He is a relatively young man, and I think he could coach for another decade easily if he wanted. He simply needs to update his toolbox for the players he has today.

Joe Flacco can only play for so long

Joe Flacco can only play for so many more years before he is not a viable quarterback anymore. The team must provide him with the best pieces to win every single season.

The Ravens cannot take any time off, and they must give Joe the respect he deserves because he has given them the title they wanted. The quarterback that they have today will be there long enough that they must be much more careful with who they choose for their roster. They are supporting one person who determines the direction of their franchise.

You and I may not care if they win another title, but the Ravens need to be very concerned about how many titles they can squeeze out before he retires.

He will go out with Flacco

Harbaugh will likely go out with Flacco because they both have been with the team for a long time. They are tied together because they have seen success and failure together.