After choosing to opt out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers, former star quarterback Colin Kaepernick has found it almost impossible to catch on with another team. Thanks to the controversy surrounding him kneeling during the National Anthem last season in a stance against racial inequality in the United States, teams seem to have blacklisted the quarterback. However, ESPN reports that there is still one team that might be giving Kaepernick a chance after all. The Baltimore Ravens have spoken to the quarterback and might invite him to try to become the backup to Joe Flacco.

Kaepernick controversy

Colin Kaepernick got a lot of backlash before his National Anthem protest. Because the San Francisco 49ers could not put a competitive offense onto the field to play the last two seasons, Kaepernick couldn’t win games. Despite the poor coaching, Kaepernick still put up good individual numbers on a team that was not built to win regardless of who played quarterback. With that said, NFL teams don’t seem to care about Kaepernick’s talent. They just see the controversy.

The owner of the New York Giants actually said he would never sign Colin Kaepernick because the Giants’ fans didn’t like him because he knelt during the National Anthem. This is the same owner who kept a kicker who beat his wife on multiple occasions on the team because he said on-field performance means more than off-field issues.

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks even said that he believes that teams were blacklisting Kaepernick because he stood up for a cause publicly.

The Baltimore Ravens

The Seattle Seahawks considered Colin Kaepernick but head coach Pete Carrol said that Colin is a starting NFL quarterback and the Seahawks needed someone who was happy playing as a backup.

The Baltimore Ravens already have a starting quarterback as well in Joe Flacco but at this point, Kaepernick needs to take what he can get if he wants to be employed by the NFL.

Jim Harbaugh was the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers when Colin Kaepernick led them to back-to-back NFC Championship appearances. His brother John Harbaugh is the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens and might have listened when his brother said recently that Kaepernick is a great quarterback who deserves to play in the NFL.

The Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman coached Colin in San Francisco.

At the moment, Ryan Mallett is the backup to Joe Flacco but rumors indicate that the Baltimore Ravens are not confident in him in case Joe Flacco is injured this season. John Harbaugh has called Colin Kaepernick a “great guy” and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him sign with the Ravens before the preseason gets underway.