Ivanka Trump made an official statement regarding the hate rally in Charlottesville Va., on Saturday, condemning the racist, anti-Semitic activity. She said that there was no place for this type of behavior in America. Her Jewish spouse jared kushner, however, remains silent on the issue.

The irony of the neo-Nazi's saying 'Hail Trump'

The Neo-Nazi's were quoted as shouting "Hail Trump" as they marched down the streets of Charlottesville, Va. This is pure irony considering that the slogan is a variation on "Heil Hitler." Adolph Hitler exterminated millions of Jews during the Holocaust and Jared Kushner is Jewish.

His wife (who is the president's daughter) converted to Judaism, so saluting the POTUS this way is disrespectful to his daughter and son-in-law.

Jared Kushner as a Jewish male should be outraged for himself, his children, and other Jewish Americans. White Supremacists are claiming that Kushner's father-in-law, the President of the United States, is on their side. Former KKK leader David Duke said on camera that the violence was fulfilling Donald Trump's campaign promise to take "our country back." Ivanka's husband is not an elected official but neither is she. It would have been good for the American people to hear Jared's views on the issue and be reminded of his Jewish herritage.

There needs to be solidarity in the Oval Office and Jared Kushner's voice should be heard

Neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic views breed violence (and even death) as was seen on Saturday. Both Jared Kushner and Trump should speak out against the hate. Donald Trump's grandchildren are Jewish so it is interesting that he has not made an official statement indicating that these hate groups have no place in America, and should stop implying that he supports them.

The president needs to stand up for Kushner and needs to take a stand. Ivanka should not be seen as the voice of either man.

it is interesting that the media has not mentioned Jared Kushner in the midst of the controvery in Charlottesville. Even more curious is that Donald Trump would allow anyone to think he sympathizes with the hate groups, when members of his own family are members of one of the groups that are targed by the hate-mongers. There may be a very good reason Jared Kushner has not spoken up regarding the events that took place on Saturday, but it would be nice for the American people to hear how he feels on the subject.