We’re used to seeing the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag race lip syncing for their lives, but many have gone on to take the stage and perform live with successful music careers.

The anticipation of Adore Delano’s upcoming album Whatever due for release 21st August, it’s safe to say that music from Drag Queens is as popular as ever before. The build up to Adore Delano’s latest single Negative Nancy was at fever pitch, something Adore was worried about by warning fans of the direction the new music would be going in.

But with the long-awaited album ever so close, it’s time to reflect on how increasingly popular the Music Scene is amongst RuPaul Drag Race girls.

There is a huge and fantastic collection of songs from the contestants and of course mama RuPaul, even if you aren’t a drag queen fan drag music is starting to take over. With Alaska 5000’s Anus album reaching the top 3 of the US Dance chart it shows how much the music scene is changing towards Drag queens and culture. Here’s a combination of popular songs from various queens;

The Beginning

Adore Delano: The breakout star of the drag race girls. Arguably one of the most talented singers to come out the competition. Adore is most certainly the drag artist that can easily make it into the mainstream charts. A former contestant on American Idol at the age of 15 his voice has gotten better and stronger, the party era was well… a party.

But the game changed with the After-Party album, each song is raw and powerful.

Adores first album ‘Until death do us party’ had the perfect mix of fun party songs and beautiful love songs. Her latest album ‘After Party’ however was a more somber collection of chilled reflective songs. Whilst not as upbeat as her previous album, it's easily her best set of songs.

The voice is full of raw passion.

Their voice is nothing but perfection and evokes nothing but passion, the new style of Adore is what fans came to expect. Latest single Negative Nancy is nothing but teenage angst and anger, it’s a great song to let loose and scream too.

Alaska 5000: Personally I love Alaska’s music, it’s fun and not serious at all.

But the irony is she doesn’t have to have a great voice! Most songs are spoken word commentary style and have you hooked from the beginning. All songs are insanely catchy with great tempos and upbeat.

Anus was her first album and the latest Poundcake featuring the fantastic What’s the T. If you want to take a dip in the Alaska pool; This Is My Hair, What’s The T, Hieeeee and Your Make Up Is Terrible. As you can see from the titles it’s all fun and games. What’s the Tee, the video containing Rugirls from past seasons heightened the video to become one of her most recognized and popular tracks.

The AAA girls: Made up of Alaska 5000, Willam Belli and Courtney Act, these queens are back with a sizzling new album Access All Areas.

The album is chock full of comedic parodies, however, stand out tracks include recently released AAA. Meet and Greet is a fun track mocking the process of meeting fans along with detailed etiquette. Be prepared for having this song stuck in your head.

Jinkx Monsoon: The theatrical season 5 winner keeps it classy with this song, it’s gorgeous and her vocals are ear shatteringly fantastic. Taken from her album The Inevitable Album, the album is chocked full of showbiz numbers that can easily be taken from a musical.

Sharon Needles: The queen of spooky herself has a fantastic catalog of music, with each themed to her dark and gothic Aesethic. PG-13 has hits such as Dressed to Kill and Call Me on The Ouija Board.

The Taxidermy album is the album to go to for Sharon Needles, it is full to the brim with hits such as Dracula, Super nature and Hollywoodn’t.

Trixie Mattel: The Queen of comedy Trixie Mattel has become a country queen after her release of her album Two Birds. This gorgeous album is chock full of ballads and up beat songs. Stand out tracks include Mama Don’t Make Me Wear That Dress, it is perfect, it’s fun and you want to sing along to it.

No list is complete without everyone’s drag mother Rupaul, some of his songs are indeed not great. But no one can deny the uplifting and power-driven Sissy That Walk, this song is the ultimate up lifter if you’re feeling hard on yourself.

Get out and see what the drag music industry is about, you never know what you might find your new favorite song!