Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” is a unique gaming experience that uses psychosis and surround-sound to make it effective. This was developed by Ninja Theory and can only be purchased digitally through PlayStation Network and Steam. Since I only played for a few days, here is my initial video game review of this awesome game.

Visually crazy and yet beautifully done

The video game bombards players with different kinds of crazy visuals that sometimes leave them dazed. Different shapes would form on the screen, showing them the symbols that would unlock doors and activate different devices.

The visuals of the game are superior with its latest technology. They captured all of the facial movements of the actors and put it in the game, which made it almost realistic. Players could feel the deranged mind of Senua through her facial expressions that show her pain and suffering.

The visual environment is superb as well from the muddy water to the rain falling on the heroine’s face. Everything is done so well that I could not find any flaws in its design.

Surround sound used so well that you will have goosebumps

The best feature of “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” is its full use of the surround system. The game developers even suggest that players should play it with headphones that support digital surround.

They recommended it because players will be bombarded with sounds all over the place that it will immerse them in it.

Players will be focused on listening to sounds in the surroundings because their survival depends on it. If they hear a slight noise on their right side, it might be an enemy could be sneaking on them. Senua’s psychosis adds it as nightmare fuel with so many different voices telling her what to do.

The music is also very haunting to hear that it makes the surroundings scarier to look at. It intensifies the fear of an unknown being that might come out from the darkness with its intense music.

Thrilling fighting gameplay system

This video game has the same fighting gameplay system that “Dark Souls” and other similar games use, but with unique additions.

Players can use quick and heavy attacks, roll, and kick in fighting off nightmarish enemies of the underworld. They will also use a focus feature that lets them zoom in on objects and symbols that will unlock doors.

There is also no head-up display, the status bar, or the HUD, but players will know if Senua is dying. The screen would have red highlights that indicate her low life. It also warns her to evade until she could recover before she attacks again.

Enemies could overwhelm the heroine if the controller is not careful enough in fighting. With this limited movement and mobility, the game experience is more immersive and challenging.

A short, but sweet gameplay experience

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” is a short game to play, which is said to only have six to eight hours of gameplay.

In my first few days of the game, the journey itself was a great experience and I would want to go back and play it again to perfect my gameplay run.

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