Felix Sater is more of a rogue than trump. That says a lot. Felix Sater is Russian but as American as apple pie. Felix Sater may be whatever you are called when you expose your supposed friends to the feds. Turncoat Felix Sater? We also could talk mob ties and real estate fraud. Oh yes, and Bayrock. Sater's plate of Trump allegations is overflowing.

I anticipate a Trump tweet that will say that Sater is a tool of Jim Comey. But the truth is that Mueller's investigation is picking up serious steam.

Lies everywhere

Let's put it this way. We are probably entering a time when lies fly faster than a speeding bullet.

Super lies. But the truth lurks and more and more now know. Whoever Felix Sater is he is trouble for Trump. Just like Manafort and whoever else may turn on the fellow.

Crunch time

I knew it was time to write this when Axios published the following suggestion of what is about to fall on the head of Donald Trump. By the end of this, we will be in a flying lie storm that may rival the blows being inflicted on Texas. Trump may be the casualty.

Sater incriminates Trump

In essence, Sater has proved the author of emails convicting Trump of having only lied about his contacts with Moscow.

He not only had them but was prior to the election considering erecting a second Trump Tower near the Kremlin. Ouch.

Media motives

You see news travels very slowly. All of this has been knowable for years. But our media like Trump for ratings and money. Why spoil it with a little Sater calumny?

But now it's coming out and the media will treat it as a discovery.

And Mitt Romney will be remembered because all those nasty things he said about Trump were true.

The Michael Cohen factor

Michael Cohen is a major figure in all of this. He's Trump's lawyer. His real lawyer. You can see the connection in the NYT elaboration of what I have been pointing to.

There you have it

Fake news you say?

No, unfortunately not. We are about to get a narrative that is substantially true. What will happen has something but not everything to do with it. I have spared no effort in itemizing all the problems coming down on Trump. The combination of his own character reacting to everything plus the objective crises he is facing amounts to a storm no less portentous than Harvey.

Reality emerges

Trump is probably praying that Harvey is his ticket to freedom from reality, But the reality is growing in strength. The reality is his unerring move in the direction of obliterating every barrier to his attainment of dictatorial power. This is the damning truth the media has yet to warn Americans about. It is why the GOP should act sooner than later to get the man out of office.