The most telling headline today is not about the dictatorial fellow who is making a mockery of the Constitution and the presidency. Nor is it about the generals and the GOP leadership gawking like zombies.

It is about the coming truly great, unwanted and utterly avoidable depression Trump is about to foment.

We are, thanks to Obama mainly, at a point of relative equanimity as the world moves gingerly into the disruptions of the future. But trump and the GOP have no gratitude or capacity to see more than a few days ahead. And Trump is about to fire the sane head of the FED, Janet Yellin.


If Trump could declare a holiday from capital gains the market would collapse, so iffy is the economy that Trump wants to protect and liberate. He believes that relaxing regulations is the way o get more confidence flowing. It is a con. Investing in good things like education and sage research is the long term profitable way into the future. But it lacks the excitement of quick gain.

Full bore or reasonable?

Yellin has been a caution against unbridled exuberance. But we can forget that. The chances of Trump keeping her on seem minimal. He broadcasts what he will do, as with his terrible decision to pardon Arpaio. If there is a wrong decision to be made Trump will make it. The headline of the article below -- there are two -- shows the problem.

It is possible to know because Janet just sent Trump a clear statement echoed by her second in command. She said Trump was in danger of opening up the same flood of greed and mindlessness that led to the first stage of the financial crisis we continue to be in.

The Dodd-Frank bill could be simplified. In fact, many regulations could be condensed and clarified. But Trump's savaging of Obama-era efforts to tame markets and save the environment is criminal. Hopefully, courts will see Trump's work as such.

A cybercomunity approach

I have made some effort recently to share a few ideas on how we can move forward.

I gather these thoughts together under the heading of cybercommunities. In essence, only a society based on positive values can enable individual morality to emerge and be a force. When society is overcome by an atmosphere of hate and division, a decline is the only likely course.

Trump is on his last legs if the thesis of these Endgame posts is credited. Either he will continue the dictatorial path he has chosen or the GOP leaders will finally see the light and be done with him. The mere threat of legal action should bring about his resignation.