Singularity is the big word these days. It refers to a future that could be heaven or hell. Fact is it won't be either. But it could be a great deal better than now. What does this have to do with afghanistan and trump and the possible end of the world? Afghanistan was placed on the planet for a reason.

Afghanistan is the global sign that war is the height of stupidity. It is the sign whose reverse side says Singularity.

Waiting for the big change

Singularity is the point at which we evolve past war. If we don't we're toast. Last night Trump lost the last vestige of any redeeming quality that might lurk in the heart of this sad, spoiled and over-privileged specimen.

It was the anti-war quality. It was the faint hint of a triadic awareness. It flew with the wisdom of the generals into the commode marked with the profanity you all know.

Beyond pacifism, kumbayah and binary idiocy

In our binary world, the words in the subhead above are designations of wimp-ness. The truth is that courage and even appropriate manliness are on the side of peace-making and common sense. Courage and common sense are gender free qualities of those who look at the world with open eyes.

We are fallible and imperfect and all our posturing is commode-worthy. Here is the story of Trump's sad surrender to illogic and probable destruction like we have never known.

Get out

The answer to this is the only solution for Afghanistan which is addicted to war - Leave.

If you are an Afghan who is sick of war and war lords and Taliban and ISIS, exit now. If you are a woman who yearns for freedom from abuse and ignorance, be gone.

We need to move beyond our atrocious refugee methods. Escape, withdrawal, and exit are the sacred and holy means of getting out of harm's way.

The sum of ethics is the reduction of harm

We live in a primitive binary world where savagery is always just around every corner, high or low, rich or poor. We savage ourselves and spend lifetimes done in by our binary idiocy. Forget goody-two-shoes sweetness and light. Live with the decision to let the Afganistan factions fight it out.

If we face terror from there or anywhere we will have to engage in eye for an eye retaliation, but only in the event of an attack.

Failures all

We have failed in Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan is the last chance of all big losers. Russia went down. Before that Britain. And now us. Singularity is about focusing on a viable future for all. Wouldn't it be nice if the endgame for Donald involved him telling the generals to go to hell?