Mike Allen provides daily snapshots which can be read as what the enlightened business community thinks. As of today, he is broadcasting doom. Doom for Donald. The story is the same all over. And because it is not the whole story, it fails to see the true scope of the fall that is in progress. The whole story must include the coming indictments and the pardon ploy.

Here is your up to date text just posted by Mile Allen of Axios.

In the post noted above, you can read about all the things Trump has done to reap a whirlwind of spite, disappointment, impatience -- you name it.

You will read that the only people who are happy with Trump now are Bannon and Breitbart.

But if my house of cards imagery is correct, as it floats through my brain, my take away from Allen's prose is the final sentence.

Allen writes that Trump is just not as good as he thinks he is. And no one can tell him.

Now that rings true

I see the cards falling in Slow Motion. They wobble and weave as they descend. I make out the name Kushner. There's Mana -- yes Manafort. Hmm. Is that the sign of a court? Do I see grand jury?

Mike, we need another mix. The doom progresses in the grand juries.

Living and learning

Trump has always gotten away with murder. So has humankind. Trump is humankind. All sides. Both sides.

Nobody has looked at things like I have. So ruminates First Citizen. The tweets to come will be a Shakespeare soliloquy.

Trump foiled by law

Unfortunately, when Trump entered the White House, he was already subject to his fate. He was already facing a situation from which he could not extricate himself.

He is now meeting the full force of democracy.

He is being found out. Mitt coundn's do it when he warned of a con artist president. The Kahns failed to move the needle to stanch the spite of tiny percentage of swing voters who made the electoral difference.

Comey saved Trump from the demographic hell he was running against in his bile-drenched campaign.

The truth is coming to a head.

Grand juries will provide Special Counsel Mueller with grounds for indicting Junior. Something to do with exuberantly chasing foreign aid in winning an election. Russian aid at that. Then will come Manafort -- unless he has cut a deal to bring in the big fish. Then Kushner. Then Flynn. Then Sessions. Grand jury baits all.

One more trick?

Does Trump have one more trick up his capacious sleeve? The only trick will be the means by which he deals with this. Anyway he moves will result in impeachment, the one option nobody believed could work. It doesn't have to. The mere threat, in exchange for some exoneration when Trump resigns, will do.