President Trump's controversial comments regarding Charlottesville are the latest drama to engulf the White House this week. He has met a storm of criticism from former presidents, with Barack Obama's tweet regarding racism becoming the most re-tweeted tweet in the social media site's history so far. George W. Bush and his father also jumped onto the bandwagon and condemned the President's response to the protests.

The mainstream media is focusing all of its efforts and venom on the President's remarks during events like this. Some of his opinions are questionable, like how many of the protesters are actually "good" people, which is why he attracts considerable attention from the press.

But they seem to have their priorities distorted. They are so intent on destroying the Trump administration that they bury the positive economic news flowing through the United States right now.

According to a YouGov/Economist survey, the positive feeling experienced by many Americans since Donald Trump's inauguration has jumped. Many citizens have witnessed a substantial improvement in their personal finances too. 17 percent of people felt the economy was improving prior to the President being elected, but since then, that percentage has jumped to 30 percent. 53 percent of Republican voters feel the economy is improving as well, which is a 48 percent jump from 5 percent last year under Barack Obama.

46 percent of families reported that their finances have improved

Even if President Trump's approval ratings in the polls may not be expanding beyond 40 percent, beyond that, this is the sort of news Republican voters will be paying more attention to, not subjective interpretations of his Charlottesville comments. 28 percent of GOP supporters noticed that unemployment is below 5 per cent.

46 percent of families reported that their finances have improved and that trend was noticed among 16 percent of Democrat voters, the group most likely to view the current presidency in a negative light.

It was Donald Trump's campaign pledge last year to "Make America Great Again" by improving the economy that brought him to power.

Winning substantial support from the rust-belt states was tantamount to his unexpected victory. Despite all the negative hype about his presidency so far, his loyal supporters will welcome this news.

He is not going anywhere

The real reason why GOP politicians in Congress will not impeach the President is that, despite all the chaos emerging from the White House, Donald Trump is the Republicans' strongest asset to reach out to voters the Democrats normally take for granted. And with the economy expanding, he is delivering on his key pledge to restore prosperity to the United States. Whether Washington likes the President's antics or not, he is not going anywhere if his presidency continues to create more jobs.