The simplest way to be rid of Donald trump is to go with what is actually happening. We know that there is a growing list of family, friends, and associates of Trump. These folk are being investigated under oath. The investigations include grand jury proceedings. These are the killers.

Getting a grand jury indictment is not difficult. In the case of Trump's grand jury prospects, we have a gallery that includes Don, Jr., Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Jeff Sessions. It is assumed that these and more will be indicted, many for crimes already evident on the public record.

Lying and obscuring the truth are among the offenses that will lead to indictments.

Threat will lead to resignation

When the indictments are handed down, all eyes will turn to the president. It is assumed that he will use his power of pardon, which covers everything but himself, to issue a blanket pardon. It is further assumed that this will trigger a threat of impeachment. The threat alone would be enough to trigger a resignation with a deal to avoid eventual prosecution.

Grand jury proceedings

Here is the most concise version of this scenario that I have found. The juries are at work as we speak. Trump's popularity is on life support. People are tired of his special pleading. Fears of future damage are mounting.

The scenario below allows six months. I have allowed three. I believe these matters will be resolved in October.

Joseph's scenario

Joel D. Joseph notes that Indictments are easy. He believes Special Counsel Robert Mueller will easily be able to indict "many members of the Trump entourage." He notes that Flynn and Kushner lied and did not provide information on FBI form 86.

This form is needed to obtain a security clearance. They neglected to say they had meetings with Russian security. Sessions denied Russian contacts and later confessed to some.

More indictment fodder

Joseph notes there was a widespread violation of the Logan Act which forbids raising campaign funds from foreign citizens. Flynn and Manafort failed to tell authorities they were representing foreign countries.

The act has not been enforced but carries a jail penalty of up to three years. The Federal Election Act forbids seeking foreign contributions.If shown, these will add weight.

If this is the case

Firing Mueller is already clearly on Trump's mind. Given this prospect, the president may well conclude to triple down. But the juries cannot be quashed. And Congress can intervene. The die is already cast. Get ready for the deal of the century. October is the time.