If there is any providence in the placement of Donald Trump at the center of history it is hardly understood by expecting wisdom to be part of his deliverance. The only wisdom there is an invitation to wiser heads to recognize a problem they cannot solve and find a way forward. That is what trump does.

The president is a dolt but also an exquisite teacher. He forces his auditors to find a way that will actually work.

Who cares about blame?

If I am correct Trump will bear the blame for having mucked up the process with his bluster.

But this would amount to the fact that the rest of world leadership, those with a voice, have no answers either. There is always an answer, of course. It is experiment beyond the box. Whatever the problem is, the more insoluble the better, find a way you would never have thought of otherwise.

Nuke armageddon

What is a beyond the box solution when the sign is nuclear armageddon (the fallout is worse now than back then) and the index is a history of failed solutions?


It is something that says experiment, new option.

What are the guiding ethical values that make sense for an outside-the-box solution?

Tolerance is a universal action value

Well, tolerance for one thing. We need a solution that can dance around the lot and leave all those poised weapons on the ground and maybe on the way out.

Yes, tolerate the world where we actually limit the capacity of anyone to wreak the sort of damage that today's nukes can inflict.

Helpfulness is loving your neighbor

OK, file that and consider helpfulness. How about listing what would help. Toning down but that is too easy. How about something truly surprising that would be amazing?

How about a meet between Trump and Kim that is accomplished in secret. We see them sitting somewhere in Italy. Merely that event would signal that the most helpful thing of all is meeting face to face with the one you have styled as an enemy.

Democracy is the big one

But there is that feisty third universal value that no one wants to accept as truly the one we may most need -- it is called democracy.

How does this triadic process deal with democracy? First, by admitting that we are infants when it comes to implementing it. Second, by rejecting the notion that democracy belongs to anyone or any nation or any group. No universal value belongs to anything but reality.

Yes, the entire world must bow to democracy as the battered and unrealized prize of this triadic journey. Too much to consider. Well, bring on the wonderful woman who plays Madam Secretary and give her the last word. She will say something like, "Fine, if you want to blow up the world by throwing all of this out the window, be my guest."

Unfortunately, we need President Dalton. But God is merciful and who knows?